Monday, April 8, 2013

Things to do in Baguio

Baguio is known as “Summer Capital of the Philippines” so it is no doubt that people love to visit this place especially during summer season. I’m one of those people who visit Baguio every summer when I was in still in college. But when I graduated from college, started working and got married things change and the last time that we’re there was year 2011. It was only a short trip after visiting my in-laws in Pangasinan

Would you believe that we only stay in Baguio for 24 hours? Well, let me share to you our itinerary.


1:30PM – Arrival at Hotel Veniz
3PM – Late lunch at Solibao in Session Road
4PM – Start of tour

Day 1 in Baguio: We visited Baguio Cathedral and Burnham Park

6PM – Dinner at Good Taste (beside Centermall)
7PM – Back to Hotel Veniz


7AM – Breakfast at Hotel Veniz Grill
8:30AM – Start of Tour

First stop is La Trinidad, we visited Bell Church and Strawberry Farm.

Before 1:30PM we went home, we skipped PMA and Botanical Garden.

Lion's Head at Kennon Road

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