May 04, 2013


I’ve been baking for quite some time now and until now I’m still learning. I’’m still searching and trying new recipe so I could enhance my baking skills. But most of the time I bake cupcake.

Ever since my son started school, I’m getting orders from mommies in school but I always decline because I’m not really selling cupcakes or brownies. I only bake for my family, if there’s potluck in school or reunion and as a gift like my homemade gift last Christmas.

Just recently, my mommy friend in school was asking if I could bake cupcake for his son’s birthday. And because I'm not selling cupcake I just told her that I will give the cupcake as my birthday gift. This is the second time that I will bake cupcake for friends.

24 pcs of Vanilla Cupcake + Vanilla Butter Cream Frosting
For the longest time, I wanted to consider this as my part time business but I’m having second thought because I’m not yet confident with my baking skills and frosting skills. I know I have a lot of things to learn. I still don’t know how to compute for the price, how can I deliver the order and if I have spare time to do that. Hmm, time will tell if I’m ready to accept orders. 


  1. sarap mo naman maging friend.. may libreng cupcakes sa birthday... hehehe!

    Baka eto na calling mo mommy michi... business woman, you can do it! aja!

    1. hahaha! hindi pa nga stable ang aking soap business. =)

  2. good luck, Michi! Sana you can get a crash course for cupcake frosting para go na sa negosyow! :))