May 03, 2013


Last year, I’ve mentioned in one of my posts that we’ve transferred precinct from Valenzuela (me) and Pangasinan (hubby). I was having dilemma two weeks ago because I don’t know where we will vote unlike in Valenzuela and Pangasinan, our relatives just informed us our precinct number. 

Read: Voter's Registration

Now, we don’t have any relatives here in our new place to inform us. My husband suggested checking it online but before I was able to go online, we received a brown envelope last weekend. I was happy because they gave us precinct number, sample ballot, list of candidates and many more.

Honestly, I don’t know yet who I will vote so I was really thankful for this information because it will help me to finish my list. (cheat sheet) Yes, I always bring small paper whenever I vote so it would be easy for me to choose because I’ll just look for the names listed on my paper. How about you?

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