May 18, 2013

Getting Ready for School

At last, I went back to school last Wednesday to enroll my son and buy books, uniform and school supplies. Yes, new set of uniform again because the old uniform doesn’t fit anymore. I should be happy because I know my son is growing. I asked the date of first school day and I was told June 4. Waah!

I’m not yet ready for school and I can’t believe that I only have two weeks of summer vacation. Well, nothing much to do except to cover his books, personalized his school stuff and wash + iron his uniform.

excited to use my new tape dispenser
How about you?


  1. ako naman, I cannot wait for the last two weeks of May to be over! school holidays dito pag June. woohoo!

  2. Hihi halos pareho tayo title ng post, school blues na naman. =) Ang aga ng school nila, sila Meg June 10 naman.

  3. Cool! Yan na ang hardest part for me... To cover books and notebooks... Hahaha!
    Hope ethan is excited for school... If ako, excited ako nyan kasi i have my new things na :)