June 06, 2013

Ceelin Plus

When my son was one month old, his pediatrician prescribed vitamins and one of his vitamins is Ceelin. Vitamin C is very essential to every child in order to avoid sickness, especially common cold and cough. But when my son had diarrhea, his doctor prescribed additional medicine which is zinc.

According to WebMD site “Zinc is used to boost the immune system, treat recurrent ear infections and common cold and prevent lower respiratory infections. It is also used for other diseases like malaria caused by parasites. Zinc is very significant for immune function, blood clotting, wound healing and growth and maintenance of our body”

So I decided to change my son vitamins to a different brand, he is taking Vitamin C + Zinc vitamin until now. And it was only recently that I discovered that Unilab is now offering Ceelin Plus, an ascorbic acid + zinc vitamin.

My son tried it and there’s no adverse reaction. I asked if the taste is ok and he said “it’s good”. I got this sample from Unilab and I will try this for a month and let see if this vitamin will really boost my son’s immune system. Ceelin Plus is known for “anti sakit and anti liit” slogan. 

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