June 04, 2013

Hair Play

Yesterday was the first day of class for some schools but I’m happy to say that we’ll start on June 17 so I still have several days to savor my vacation. In preparation for school, we went to Hair Play for my son’s haircut last Sunday while waiting for my OB.

We’ve been a regular client of this salon since my son was 1 year old. Until now I don’t know when we are going to graduate. I hope bago siya magbinata. =) Barber Shop still scares him. 


  1. kawawa naman si Ethan, ayaw ba niya kahit hawakan sya ng daddy nya?

    1. ayaw niya sis. para kay daddy lang daw yung barber shop. hehehe!

  2. My daughter starts class on June 17, too! :)