August 30, 2013

Outback Steakhouse

When I started working, my ex-bf (now husband) and I always eat out every payday and we wanted to try different restaurant that we haven’t tried when we’re still students. Since I work in Makati  we went straight to Glorietta after office.

We always see the Outback Steakhouse outside the mall building so we tried it out of curiosity. I can still remember while browsing the menu, lumalaki mata ko sa nakikita ko presyo. But since we wanted to try the food, we still order, pikit mata na lang sa pag-order. Ending we paid almost P3000 for our meal; it was too steep for us but charged it to experience. Since then never na kami bumalik. hehehe!

After 10 years, we tried this restaurant again because we saw the 30% discount promo if you will use your Citibank card and since it was my birthday, we have reason to splurge.

We’re the first customers, upon seated the staff gave us the menu and asked if there’s any occasion. I said, it’s my birthday and she greeted me “happy birthday”. I thought meron slice of cake or presentation pa like other restaurants pero wala. #feelingkolang.

yummy complimentary bread
Anyway, I did not order steak anymore; we ordered Grilled Pork Chop P599, Baby Back Ribs P699 and Kid’s Pasta and Fingers Combo P249.

The serving was big, my son just ate one piece of chicken and I only ate one slice of pork chop so my husband has no choice but to help me. Take-out na lang namin food ni Ethan because he was busy coloring and playing in this corner.

Well, the taste is just ok, you can eat this meal in other restaurant at lower price. 

Outback Steakhouse
Parking 6 Theater Drive
Alabang Town Center
Ayala Muntinlupa City

August 28, 2013

Washi Tape Holder

I’ve been seeing washi tapes all over the web and since then I became curious but it took me so long before I decided to buy. According to Wikipedia, washi is a style of paper that was first made in Japan. Washi comes from “wa” meaning Japanese and “shi” meaning paper.

I received my washi tapes order yesterday and I put them all here including the two fabric tape. I bought this glass holder seven years ago but I did not use it. Good thing that I did not throw this away because it is now my washi tape holder. I guess, I need to buy more washi tapes.

I can’t wait to start my own washi tape project.

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Lemon Cupcake

I baked lemon cupcake last week using the recipe of calamansi cupcake. I don’t have calamansi so I used lemon instead. But I think, the recipe needs ½ cup lemon juice because the taste is not lemony.

Lemon Cupcake Recipe

1 cup softened butter
1 cup granulated sugar
4 large eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/3 cup lemon juice
Lemon zest from 3 lemons that I used
2 cups all purpose flour
1 tsp baking powder

Preheat oven to 350F
Line muffin pan with paper cups
Sift flour and baking powder
Cream butter and sugar until light and smooth
Add eggs one at a time to the cream mixture
Add the flour mixture a little at a time
Add the vanilla slowly
Add lemon juice and lemon zest
Incorporate all ingredients
Pour batter into muffin pans
Bake for 20 minutes

Swish: Mouthwash and Breath Spray

Having fresh breath is a must to everyone not only for your hygiene but for other people too. We need to make sure that every time we open our mouth, there’s no foul smell. Nobody wants to talk to bad breath people.
That’s why I make sure that I always take good care of my teeth and mouth. Brushing and flossing is one of my regular routine but using mouthwash every day is not my thing because I dislike the burning sensation while gargling the mouthwash. I only use mouthwash if I feel that brushing my teeth is not enough. #moody.

I’ve tried different brands of mouthwash before including Swish. Among the five variants of Swish, I’ve tried the Artic Chill, Peppermint Fresh and now Mangosteen Mint. The first two variants are really strong for me, I have to add water so I can gargle it but the Mangosteen Mint is tolerable and I can gargle it without water.
Swish Mouthwash 
•Alcohol-free mouthwash
•That helps kill bad breath causing bacteria and prevents plaque build-up, gum disease and tooth decay
•With Surefresh Technology
•Leaves with long-lasting minty fresh breath everyday
•Available in 5 refreshing variants with various minty levels, from gentle mint to intensely strong mint levels

Gentle Mint— Icy Choco Mint blends together the freshness of mint with the goodness of chocolate flavor without the guilt in a sugar-free formulation.
Mint just got cooler with the tasty blend of chocolate. Mint notes burst in your mouth with just the right touch of chocolate for a flavor twist.

Mild Mint— Mangosteen Mint is a minty treat with the right touch of fruit blended in. Minty meets fruity in this sparkling blend of mint and mangosteen. The flavorful and unique mint taste will give your mouth a refreshingly cool mint flavor like you’ve never felt before.

Strong Mint— Peppermint Fresh gives you the right minty fresh feeling for an awesome cooling sensation. Experience the super freshness of peppermint in every gargle! It got the right level of mint to leave your mouth feeling cooler and more awesome than ever.

Super Strong Mint— Cinnamon Blast is a mix of mint with the perfect blend of cinnamon flavor. Feel the refreshing surge of mint and cinnamon every time you gargle. The zesty accent mixed with the full blend of cinnamon and mint gives you a frosty fresh feeling in your mouth unlike any other.

Intensely Strong Mint— Arctic Chill is the right blend of cool and minty with that extra kick of freshness. Send extra chills to your mouth with this minty mouthwash! Its cooling aroma will leave your breath as fresh as ever and more breathtaking than any other.

•In 4 sizes (35mL, 60mL, 120mL, 250mL) Note: Icy Choco Mint has no 35mL

Surprisingly, the Swish Breath Spray “Arctic Chill” is fine with me. I actually like it because it freshens my breath in just 10 seconds. I can bring it anywhere so I don’t have problem with bad breath.

Swish Breath Spray

• With Surefresh Technology
• Provides instant fresh breath in 10 seconds
• Available in 2 refreshing variants
• Lasts up to 100 sprays
•Gives instant fresh breath, anytime and anywhere in just 10 seconds!
•Kills germs and bacteria in the mouth to eliminate bad breath caused by eating, drinking and smoking

Thanks Swish for these samples.

For your information: Say Swish Campaign 2013

•Swish will be having several Say Swish booths deployed in leading supermarkets and drug stores nationwide.
•Customer can sample the different variants of Swish with different minty levels for free at the Say Swish booths.
•You can bring home freebies such as a free photo from our booth and other premium items when you purchase any Swish product
•Watch out for our Say Swish activations with Ryan Agoncillo nationwide

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August 26, 2013

Plants vs Zombies 2

Since Aug 17, 2013 up to now we’re on vacation because of the bad weather and holiday. It was really a long vacation so I need to adjust again starting tomorrow. We will be in school for 3 days and another long weekend for us starting Friday because we have no class, it’s Montessori Day.  

Well, we enjoyed the “art of doing nothing”, we just eat, sleep and watch movie. Of course we did some household chores but because of the #bedweather, we took advantage of it. It is time for us to relax and recharge.

From August 18 – 22, we’re just at home so we have nothing to do except watch movie and play. We finished Resident Evil movie from 1-5 and we became addicted to Plants vs Zombies 2. My friend texted me to download this free game and now we’re hooked.

I still play candy crush pero nakakainis lang because it took them more than a month to update the levels, right now I’m stuck on level 410 so I don’t know when it will be updated again. So right now, killing zombies muna ang peg ko. 

August 23, 2013

10 Foods to Avoid Before Going to Sleep

Many people enjoy preparing a snack before they drift off to dreamland each night. Some individuals enjoy the ritual of enjoying their favorite beverage or snack as they prepare for bedtime. But if you want to enjoy a deep and restful night's sleep, Bunkers Melbourne, the bunk bed specialist, recommends that you avoid snacking on any of the following 10 foods that can interfere with your body's ability to get the deep sleep it deserves in order for you to wake up feeling rested and refreshed the next morning.

Candy and Sugary Foods 

Foods loaded with sugar may provide your body with plenty of energy during the day, but you want your body to slow down and not speed up right before going to sleep. 

Fried Foods 

Take a pass on that fried chicken leg or plate of French fries right before retiring. Fried foods are difficult to digest and may cause you to wake up in the middle of the night with abdominal cramps, stomach aches or heartburn.

Alcoholic Beverages 

Many people assume that since a drink or two often makes them feel sleepy, an alcoholic drink is a great before bedtime tonic. But alcohol actually makes your body dehydrated and causes a more shallow sleep pattern that wakes people up several times throughout the night. 

Spicy Foods 

That bowl of chili or chips dipped in taco sauce create an abundance of excess stomach acid. Instead of experiencing sweet dreams, consuming spicy foods before bedtime may have you waking up and reaching for an antacid to calm a rumbling stomach or uncomfortable feelings of heartburn. 

Foods and Beverages with Caffeine 

A steaming hot cup of coffee is a great pick me upper at the start of your day, but coffee and any other foods and beverages with large doses of caffeine won't do you any favors when it's lights out at the end of your day. The same goes for that piece of dark chocolate you've been saving, which is also loaded with caffeine that is counterproductive to a good night's rest. 

Red Meat 

Grabbing a hamburger or fixing a roast beef sandwich as a bedtime snack will prove to be a bad idea because red meat is high in both protein and fat, two ingredients that make your digestive system work all the harder. Putting extra stress on your digestive system right before falling to sleep will result in a much less restful and shallower sleep pattern that will have you groaning the next morning that you still feel tired. 


Snacking on celery might seem like a good idea for those feeling slightly hungry before bedtime and want a low calorie snack. But celery works as a diuretic, which means that it will irritate your kidneys and cause you to wake up in the middle of the night with the urge to urinate. 

Ice Cream 

Just like red meat, ice cream will place more stress on your digestive tract all through the night and it's loaded with fats and sugars. Research has also shown that snacking on sugary and fatty snacks before bedtime increases bad dreams.


Save that extra slice of pizza pie for tomorrow's lunch rather than gulping it down before bedtime. In addition to the acid in the tomato sauce, pizza also contains high levels of grease, fat and carbohydrates which will keep your stomach churning busily all evening. 


Most breakfast cereals are coated with load of sugar, so even though the milk you pour into the bowl may have a calming effect, the sugar content will make your blood sugar level spike, not at all conducive to sweet dreams and a restful night in a Bunkers Melbourne bunk bed!

August 22, 2013

Birthday Wishlist

Yesterday, my husband was asking me “what do I want for my birthday?”. Oh yes, I’m getting old again tomorrow but that is fine with me, as the quote says “Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many”.

My answer is “I want vox 150 pro at musician's friend”, hehehe! Of course that was a joke because I don’t need that.  The price of that vox is more than price of my birthday wishlist. Well, I’m not expecting that I will receive this on my birthday but to answer the question, these are my choices, cellphone, camera and travel trip.

1.Cellphone – just this week my phone stopped working and I was really disappointed because it is just a year old phone. I have globe number so I can’t use my old phone because it is lock to Smart. As of now I’m using my husband’s old phone (duo) that is lock to Sun’s network. He has no choice but to give me his sim card because I can’t use the phone if there’s no Sun sim card. Good thing that I’m not receiving any business phone calls yet. I have to remind myself that I need to buy Sun sim card when I go out.

2.Camera – this is my wishlist for two years already but this time I want this model "Samsung NX1000"

Photo Source

3.Travel – It’s been months since the last time we travel and my restless feet is badly missing it.

That’s what I want but not need so I would still be happy on my birthday even without those stuff because I’m thankful to God for giving me another year. I’m grateful that we’re safe during Typhoon Maring and I feel that I’m blessed enough to ask for more but if it is not too much to ask, there are two things that I really want: good health and psoriasis-free. 

Disappearing Comments in Facebook

90% of my comments in Instagram were still disappearing and I already accepted the fact that I can’t connect and communicate with my few followers. But just this week, my comments and friends’ comments in Facebook were disappearing too. I was receiving notification that someone commented but when I check, I can’t read anything even my comments. 

It is really frustrating! I search again for possible solution but the only choice is “report it to Facebook”. I did not do anything because I don’t think it will really solve the problem. There are several comments there and no one testified that it solved the problem. I hope this won’t happen again. 


I’m pretty sure that women love bags and some women even collect it. But when I was in elementary and high school, I only used one bag for one school year. As far as I can remember I always used backpack because of the heavy load of books and notebooks.

Things change when I was in college because I only used shoulder bag, good enough to fit my small notebook, pen and wallet.

When I started working, that’s the time that I spend money for bags. As much as possible I want my bag to match my corporate outfit. I have to do it so I will not look like a college students. It always happened to me when I was working in a bank, bank customers thought I was not an employee but an OJT student. At that time I don’t have my uniform yet.

Things change when I became a full time mom; I lose interest in buying bags because I rarely go out. When I had a kid, I only use one bag which is a diaper bag. I’m a fan of Baby Couture diaper bag. hehehe!

Now that my son is studying, I’m using big bag because I tend to bring the whole house when I’m out. I have umbrella, son’s raincoat, wallet, phone, wipes, tissue, keys, bills, sanitizer, extra bag and many more.

I just realized that you will buy bags according to your needs and not just wants.  I will not buy branded bags because we’re just commuting when we go to school. Don’t expect me to buy new hamilton kb14/kb50 stand bag at guitar center because I’m not a musician. And I will not carry a purse when I’m going out because my stuff won’t fit. 

August 21, 2013

Let's Face It: Eyebrow Threading

My first experience of eyebrow threading was seven years ago, in preparation of my wedding. At that time I have no idea about threading so I was not prepared, it was really painful and my tears just began to flow.

It took me years to try it again, last week we went to Let’s Face It for eyebrow threading P150. According to Wikipedia, threading is an ancient method of hair removal which originates in Eastern world but gained popularity in Western countries. A thin thread is doubled, twisted and rolled over areas of unwanted hair.

Fortunately, with my second experience, the pain was tolerable and no more tears. 


1. It is not painful as I expected. Kudos to the staff.


1. There’s no privacy, no room or curtain to separate you from other customers bed.

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August 20, 2013

Hampas ni Habagat

No classes again today because of Habagat. Our province is already in state of calamity because of flood. I’m still thankful because despite the nonstop raining, we’re still safe and dry, though some parts of the subdivision have ankle deep flood.

It is hard to cook, wash dishes and use toilet because the water wasn’t draining fast but still no reason to complain because other people are experiencing worst situation.


Basic Disaster Supplies Kit

-     Water (one gallon per person a day enough for 3 days).
-     Flashlight with extra batteries.
-     Fully charged mobile phone
-     Food (non-perishable food enough for 3 days)
-     Whistle to signal for help
-     Can opener
-     First aid kit
-     Radio (battery operated with extra batteries
-     Garbage bags with tape and plastic ties for sanitation.

Official Government Twitter Accounts

PAGASA @dost_pagasa


DOTC @DOTC_Philippines
NLEX @NLEXtraffic

DSDW @dswdserves

Emergency Numbers

MMDA Flood Control – 8820925
NDRRMC 9111406, 9122665
Red Cross – 143, 5278385 to 95
Philippines Coast Guard – 5273877, 5278481

PNP -117

August 19, 2013

Ghirardelli: Walnut Brownie Mix

Classes have been suspended so I was able to blog today. Well, nothing much to share I just miss posting in my blog. After two months of not baking; yesterday, I baked Walnut Brownies from Ghirardelli. 

After trying the triple chocolate brownie  and cookie mix, I became hooked so I kept on buying their instant mix. Oh yes, now I feel so lazy to bake especially baking from scratch so I was really thankful for instant mixes.

My husband and son were both happy because I baked again. They missed my pastries kahit instant pa yan. Hehehe! As expected we love the walnut brownies. 

August 13, 2013


Origami is the art of folding paper, when I was a kid I bought a book to learn different designs but I’m not really good in it and I can only do basic folding like boat, balls, polo and airplane.

If you have a child, you have to expect that in his/her eyes you are a supermom. My son thinks that I can do anything, I can cook clay, I can bake his Mickey Mouse cake, I can fix his broken toys, I can draw anything and I can even make dragon.

But the truth is, I can’t do everything he asked, I’m just a simple mom who is trying to be the best mom in the eyes of my son. I was thankful that my husband can do the things that I can’t do like this paper crane.

Pwede na yang dragon sa napanood niya, “How to Train Your Dragon 2”. He requested three dragons. #demanding

August 12, 2013

Things to do in Bacolod

I watched “Ang Pinaka” show last night, they featured the “Top 10 Must Try Restaurant in Bacolod City” and among the list I’ve only tried two which is Aida’s at Manokan Country and 21st Restaurant. What a coincidence because when I switched the channel, ABS News featured “The Ruins”.

And because of that, I missed my trip last year in Bacolod City, it was a short trip so I’m sharing with you the things that you can do in Bacolod if you only have 31 hours.

1.Visit Capitol Lagoon.

2.Visit “The Ruins of Mansion”  in Talisay

3.Food Trip – there are several restaurants on my list but because of limited time, we’ve only tried Calea, 21, Pendy’s and Aida’s Manokan Country. Click here for more details.

4.Pasalubongdo not forget to buy pasalubong, my favorites are Napoleones from Pendy’s and Blueberry Cheecake from Calea. Yes, you can take home this cake. 

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August 09, 2013

How to Have an Amazing Family Getaway in Amsterdam

Amsterdam may not seem an obvious holiday for families to choose given some of the activities you can get up to in the city, but it is actually a children’s paradise should you give it a chance. From the lack of traffic, quirky buildings and beautiful winding canals, it can be a captivating place for the small ones. There are also some great attractions for you to visit as a family in the city, and here is a guide to some of the best ones on offer.


On the outside, you might think this odd green, ship like building couldn’t possibly be a museum but NEMO is a brilliant attraction to keep the kids entertained. Located on the eastern harbour, the science museum has lots of interactive exhibits which children love. If you’re flying the whole family out also, it’s a great idea to search for flights to Amsterdam online.

They can attempt to draw pictures with a laser, work out the anti gravity trick with mirrors or visit the labs around the site where they can discover the answers to questions such as how do you make cheese? There is also the summer terrace on the top of the building which offers visitors some fantastic views of the medieval centre of Amsterdam.

Anne Frank

If you have teens travelling with you and they have read the Diary of Anne Frank, then you can stop in at the Anne Frank House for them to explore where the literature was created. The museum is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Netherlands, meaning that the adults will appreciate the exhibits focusing on how the Jewish community hid from Nazis during World War II.


One of the star attractions of Amsterdam, the Tropenmuseum is home to three floors of colonial artefacts that are presented with some great imagination and fair bit of multimedia. Certain sections of the museum are recreated in their original environment such as the African Market or the Central Asian Yurts.

Kids will love the displays in their colourful settings and ritual masks on display as well as the section dedicated to educating children. The museum also houses two cafes serving international food and a gift shop that the young ones can explore.


If you find that the kids have too much energy for you to bring them around some of the attractions on offer in the city, then you can head over to VondelPark where the wide open green spaces will be the perfect location for them to run around and play. Head over to the Het Groot Melkhuis cafe where you can sit and enjoy some refreshments while you watch over the children playing in the adjoining playground.

 Amsterdamse Bos

Another great way to spend the day is to head over to the Amsterdamse Bos where you will find a vast range of lakes, woods and meadows for the kids to explore. There is also a small goat farm here where the children can come and feed and pet the cute animals.

Rudy Project Watch

Honestly, we’re very satisfied with our present credit card company but my husband tried to apply for Citibank credit card when he saw the Rudy Project Watch freebies. 

Fortunately, he was approved but the thing is he needs to spend P5,000 before he can redeem the watch. It is not a problem because we will just use the card for our groceries.

“Approved cardholders can avail of the watch upon using the card for a single or accumulated purchase of at least P5,000 within 60 days from card approval date.”

He was told that he will receive a notification once he reach the P5,000 but more than two weeks had passed and still no notification. He called the bank for follow-up. After one week, he printed the voucher and went to the store to claim his watch but to his disappointment, he cannot claim the watch because his name was not included in the list that was July 13. It was noted that he can start claiming the watch as early as July 11.

The following week, we went to different store to claim the watch but still his name was not included. I ended up buying this watch at 20% off, P1450 original price.

He called Citibank for follow-up and as usual, puro promises na naman. He told the rep that if he cannot claim the watch on this date, he will just cancel the card. As I mentioned, we are very satisfied with our present credit card company and we do not want to deal with poor customer service. We received freebies before but this was the only time na we’re really having a hard time claiming the freebies.

We went to Solenad to claim the watch because he was told that everything was fine and the representative gave a contact number just in case he can’t claim it again. For the third time, his name was not included. He called Citibank to fix the issue. Finally, last August 2, after almost an hour of waiting, he was able to get his free Rudy Project watch. It took us several weeks to get the watch, follow-up on June so he can print the voucher and follow-up on July to claim the watch. #sigh

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PH Care: Feminine Wipes

I’ve been using PH Care feminine wash for a very long time but it was only last year when I’ve learned that there is PH Care Feminine Wipes. The wipes were part of my winnings last May 2012.

I’ve tried the two variants Cool Wind and Passionate Bloom but I prefer the Cool Wind because it is also the feminine wash that I’m using. I don’t always use feminine wipes because I’m a stay at home mom but when I’m not at home, wipes are very important to me especially if I have appointment with my OB-Gyne or if I have monthly period and no access with soap and water. This feminine wipes will make you feel fresh and clean. 

PH Care Feminine Wipes 

* It is alcohol free 
* It is hypo-allergenic. 
* It is clinically tested. 
* It gently cleanses your intimate area. 
* It is mildly scented to keep you feeling fresh and clean. 
* It is safe to use every day. 
* It is very convenient to use when you’re on the go. 

 Note: Do not use on infected area. 

August 08, 2013

The Smurfs 2

We have completed the 12 Smurfs Toy Collection in McDonalds last week and yesterday we were able to watch “The Smurfs 2”. Honestly, I’m not really a fan of smurfs but since my son enjoys collecting the smurfs, we joined our friends in school in watching the movie. After class we went straight to Festival Mall, it was our second movie experience without my husband.

Kids really enjoyed their first movie date. =)

August 06, 2013

He Loves to Draw

If you’ve been a regular reader of this blog, you are aware that my son loves to scribble. He scribbles everywhere even in our walls, furniture and appliances. He also scribbles on his clothes and different body parts. Click here and here to read the story. Thank God that he already graduated and he only uses paper now so I always make scratch pad. Click here to learn my DIY scratch pad. 

I cannot say that he has talent in drawing but all I knew is he loves to draw. So I just let him and he even posts it in our walls. He will get scotch tape and stick his own artwork in our walls or just post it if he is using “Post It” paper just like this.

He dislikes reading and writing but he enjoys doing his assignment if it is “read, copy and draw the word”. Last month, he drew this and said “Mommy, I want Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party”. Two months to go pa birthday niya pero may theme na siya. =)