August 22, 2013


I’m pretty sure that women love bags and some women even collect it. But when I was in elementary and high school, I only used one bag for one school year. As far as I can remember I always used backpack because of the heavy load of books and notebooks.

Things change when I was in college because I only used shoulder bag, good enough to fit my small notebook, pen and wallet.

When I started working, that’s the time that I spend money for bags. As much as possible I want my bag to match my corporate outfit. I have to do it so I will not look like a college students. It always happened to me when I was working in a bank, bank customers thought I was not an employee but an OJT student. At that time I don’t have my uniform yet.

Things change when I became a full time mom; I lose interest in buying bags because I rarely go out. When I had a kid, I only use one bag which is a diaper bag. I’m a fan of Baby Couture diaper bag. hehehe!

Now that my son is studying, I’m using big bag because I tend to bring the whole house when I’m out. I have umbrella, son’s raincoat, wallet, phone, wipes, tissue, keys, bills, sanitizer, extra bag and many more.

I just realized that you will buy bags according to your needs and not just wants.  I will not buy branded bags because we’re just commuting when we go to school. Don’t expect me to buy new hamilton kb14/kb50 stand bag at guitar center because I’m not a musician. And I will not carry a purse when I’m going out because my stuff won’t fit. 


  1. Ako din ganyan. Laki bag lagi:)

  2. For me, its either 2 bags or one big bag! Haha

  3. di din ako mahilig sa bag... si boyfie lang bumibili sakin ng mga bags :)

  4. I don't buy a lot of bags too. I'm the kind that wears down a bag first before buying a new one. If ever I have more than 1 at a time, the other would most probably be a gift from someone. Same with shoes. Only 1 pair of black, 1 of beige or tan, 1 rubber shoes, 1 casual sandal or wedge. Then don't but a new 1 til they're worn down. I don't know exactly why I'm like this but it saves me money. Heheheh! =D