August 09, 2013

PH Care: Feminine Wipes

I’ve been using PH Care feminine wash for a very long time but it was only last year when I’ve learned that there is PH Care Feminine Wipes. The wipes were part of my winnings last May 2012.

I’ve tried the two variants Cool Wind and Passionate Bloom but I prefer the Cool Wind because it is also the feminine wash that I’m using. I don’t always use feminine wipes because I’m a stay at home mom but when I’m not at home, wipes are very important to me especially if I have appointment with my OB-Gyne or if I have monthly period and no access with soap and water. This feminine wipes will make you feel fresh and clean. 

PH Care Feminine Wipes 

* It is alcohol free 
* It is hypo-allergenic. 
* It is clinically tested. 
* It gently cleanses your intimate area. 
* It is mildly scented to keep you feeling fresh and clean. 
* It is safe to use every day. 
* It is very convenient to use when you’re on the go. 

 Note: Do not use on infected area. 

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