September 30, 2013

Missing in Action?

I’ve been missing in action for one week and I have no time in updating this blog. If you’ve read my previous post you know for sure the reason, it is really hard to blog if you’re not feeling happy.

“Be strong! A phrase that’s easy to say but a hard thing to do when you’re broken”

I never felt so depressed in my life and little by little I’m trying to be ok. Thank you for all your concerns, comments and suggestions. I really appreciate everything and I’m praying for better days.

Aside from that, my son had his first board exam I mean first trimester exam last week so I have to make questionnaire and review him. Parang board exam yata at stress na stress lagi after exam.

Few days from now he will celebrate his 5th birthday so I’m still preparing pero isa na lang kulang, tapos na rin ako. As if bongga noh, sa school lang naman, kakain lang naman sa break time. Hehehe!

Lastly, my laptop keyboard wasn’t working. Some letters and numbers aren’t working so how I can blog if I can’t type. My husband suggested to use the external ipad keyboard (mas feel ko kasi na may tumutunog) but I can’t because my files are in my laptop. Dumagdag pa sa sadness ko di ba, wala pa 2 years ito, you know that if you’ve been following me for two years. Replacing my laptop wasn’t my option because my husband just replaced my dead phone last month. But thanks to my friends who suggested using external keyboard. I know, it is old school, I’m still adjusting but it will do for now. My P170 solution. Hehehe!


  1. natawa naman ako kay ethan... as in stress na stress ba talaga? hahaha! at least maagang makakatulog yan pag ganyan.

    Saktong tinanong ko recently si manong ariel kung bakit di ka na nagbablog.. sabi nya nga yung keyboard mo daw salarin... hehehe! at least may quick fix diba?

  2. Buti na solve din ang problem mo at naka pag update ka na.
    Life is like that. We can not always have good days. Seek God and his presence all the time. He will lighten your load and see things with his eyes dear.

  3. Hope everything turns out well soon. Don't worry. Everything will fall into place eventually. =)