October 07, 2013

Imagine the Possibilities

Since I’m a full time mom, I spent most of my time of course inside the house doing household chores and errands. Part of my “me time” is surfing the net, I love reading travel, parenting and home living websites. I enjoy daydreaming and looking for different home style in Pinterest, Houzz and woodworking websiteI’m praying and hoping that one day I would have my dream kitchen. 


  1. Sabi nga ng boss namin, your hubby will be a big guy soon... Hindi literal na big guy ha...
    So i think, di din impossible that he can give you your dream kitchen... Continue to support manong ariel and when he becomes to the highest level, you sure can afford this kitchen or might be better than this... Keep dreaming ^_^

  2. Same here! I'd love to have a kitchen makeover. Yung bongga talaga. =)

  3. If there is a will, there is a way:)