January 14, 2014

Celeteque: Sun Care Soothing Lip Balm

Since I was young, one of my dilemmas is having chapped lips so I’m not a fan of lipstick because I feel that it doesn’t look good on my chapped lips. I only use lip gloss or lip balm. Would you believe that I bought my first lipstick just last month?

Anyway, I tried different lip balms before and I even used petroleum jelly on my chapped lips. I received these sample products from Unilab and tried it for few days.

According to packaging, Celeteque Sun Care Soothing Lip Balm

1. Contains UVA/UVB filters which prevent UV radiation from damaging and rapidly aging the lip area.
2. Its moisturizing oils keep the lips healthy with their softening and smoothening benefits.
3. The Mulberry Extract helps brighten and lighten discolored lips previously darkened by smoking. 

Directions: Use the index finger to generously coat the upper and lower lips with lip balm. Apply as often as needed to effectively soothe dry, chapped lips and wind burns. Also use as a daily lip moisturizer to protect the lips from daily sun exposure.


1. I can say that it really moisturizes my lips even on day 1.
2. I like the cooling effect after applying the lip balm.
3. It has SPF that will protect my lips from sun exposure.
4. It is not greasy. 


1. I don’t like the packaging. I prefer the stick type of lip balm so I don’t have to use my finger when applying it.

I don't smoke but I do hope that it will really brighten or lighten my discolored lips.

Tips from WikiHow to avoid chapped lips.

1. Don’t lick them.
2. Always wear lip balm that contains SPF.
3. Apply lip balm throughout the day especially before going to sleep.
4. Use lip balm before applying lipstick or lipgloss.

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