May 26, 2014

Clean and Cool Uses of Mouthwash

We always have mouthwash at home because we believe that brushing teeth is not enough to keep our breath fresh. But I just recently found out that there are several uses of mouthwash. If you want more information how to use the mouthwash, just visit wonderhowto site  

1.Facial cleaner 
2.Toilet cleaner 
3.Enhance your laundry cycle 
4.Keep your tongue piercing clean 
5.Eliminate garlic/onion smell from your hands 
6.Eliminate dandruff 
7.Reduce underarm odor. 
8.Disinfect your toothbrush
9.Disinfect your minor cuts 
10.Treat athletes foot 
11.Clean your garbage disposal 
12.Apply to poison ivy rash 
13.Clean your computer monitor (not lcd displays) 

I haven’t tried any of the list yet but I will keep this in mind. Anyway, if you are looking for mouthwash, I do recommend Swish. Swish has 2 formats namely: mouthwash and breath spray to keep your breath fresh anytime and anywhere. Powered by SureFresh Technology, Swish doesn't just cover up bad breath because it kills bad bacteria, prevents plaque and gingivitis for long-lasting fresh breath. With Swish, you are assured of long lasting fresh breath anytime, anywhere! #alwaysfresh #alwayson 

Available in supermarkets, drugstores and convenience stores nationwide.

Suggested Retail Price 

35 mL – P35 
60 mL – P46.75 
120 mL – P75 
250 mL – P137.50 

A repost from my old blog Michi's Home Sweet Home

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