Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Candy Shop

I don’t normally shop online because I dislike going to the bank just to pay for my order but when I learned that I can pay via credit card in ‘’The Candy Shop” I did not have second thoughts.

I’ve been meaning to have my own contact card just like any blogger. Though I’m not really active in attending events because of my location and I have to prioritize my son but maybe someday I can use it. #atleastiamready

So for my first order, I ordered my contact card P450, memo card P170 and note card P200. I received a payment form and paid it via credit card without a service charge. #awesome 

After few days, I received the soft proofs for approval. I approved it. 

Then I finally received my order in less than one week after I approved it. #smoothtransaction

The Candy Shop 

Facebook/ TheCandyShopPrints 

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