June 07, 2014

Orientation Day

We’re back in school since Monday because my son attended Orientation for new students. It is one hour class for four days. My son was not in the mood on his first day because he wanted to wear his uniform and bring his bag in school but I told him that it is only orientation so no uniform and big bag.

On the first day, we’re allowed to watch our kids outside the room so I’m standing in front of the window for one hour. As I said my son was not in the mood so I can see that he’s not participating. 

At the end of the class, the teacher gave them happy face sticker and that changed the mood of my son. Sticker lang pala ang makakapagpasaya. Lol 

On the second and third day, we’re not allowed to stay outside the room. We just accompanied our kids in their room and left. 

Last day, parents just stayed in the lobby and kids went to their room on their own. 

We also had our 30 minutes Parents Orientation, I thought my back to school preparation is already over but I was wrong. I have to cover the notebooks again and I have to buy and label my son’s grooming kit. 

I like their orientation day because it is a step by step process so kids and parents will not have separation anxiety. I hope my son is now prepared for big school.