September 15, 2014

Raising a Reader

I’ve been quite busy for the last two weeks that is why I seldom update this blog. I was busy with school and chores so I really have no energy to write a post. Anyway, today has no classes because of Typhoon Luis and Laguna is under yellow warning sign so I have time to blog. 

Last September 4, my son asked me to go to school because he wanted to borrow books. I was happy because for the very first time he will use his library card. It is one of the reasons why I have no time to blog because I was in school for almost a week. I have to teach my son how to borrow books and how to return the books. 

It was only last Friday that I was able to teach him how to return the books because most of the time nandyan na teacher ng anak ko hindi pa bukas library, it supposed to be open at 7am and my son’s class is 7:15am. It is really important that he knows how to return the books or else may penalty kami pag late return. 

I used to buy books so I can raise a reader but I notice that my son prefers watching movies, playing ipad or toys than reading books. I admit that we don’t read everyday so I was really glad that my son wanted to borrow books. We read those books after we finished his homework. So far we have borrowed 6 books. 

I told him not borrow last Friday because we have to study na for his second monthly test, after exam na lang.


  1. oh wow! my kids are home schoolers and right now, the most library they get is fully booked and our own collection of books. there is excitement when there's a real library to go to...i used to be like your son, only, gadgets weren't much of a thing back then. only tv. and my dad took that away for several years. :)

    good foryou mommy michelle! And good for your son!

    1. Waah. No tv, di ko yata kaya yun nung bata ko.

  2. When my daughter started to read I was really happy and excited. I bought so many books and install a lot of reading apps heheh.

  3. Ganyan din ang daughter ko. So excited to use her library card!

  4. I am a "library kid" as well. :) Not well off ang family so I always refer to library books because I am such a bookworm. It's nice that your baby is showing signs of being a book lover. And its nice that you really encourage him. :)

  5. i'm a reader too! books are my escape and im glad for you cause your baby looks like he's gonna be a booklover too! i hope my son grows up to be one too. :-)