March 19, 2015

Foundation Day

My son’s school celebrated 30th year anniversary last month(February 23 to March 1) so there were booths, rides and inflatables inside the campus. Since my son is still in preschool, he has no allowance so he can’t buy anything or experience the ride. 

When my friend told me that she will pick up his son in school, I asked her if we could come para makapagrides din ang aking anak. So off we went to school and I let my son enjoy the booths and rides.

Fast forward to Feb. 28, 2015, all students from preschool up to college prepared for their Field Demonstration, the school was so packed that it was hard for us to get a place. 

We were standing in our place for like 2 hours only to find out, na mali ang pwesto ko. Waah! Nasa kabilang dulo pala ang aking anak and di nako makakasingit pa dun. 

I can only see his teacher but not my son. I took video and pictures even I can’t see him. I’m so near yet so far and for the first time, I didn’t see my son’s performance.

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