June 24, 2015

How To Convert Your India Travel Video Onto Smartphone Friendly Format

Are you just back from India and can’t wait to share your amazing experiences in the beautiful oriental country? Well, the magnificent subcontinent is famous for its marvelous attractions and spectacular landscapes and its always enriching for the travelers here- whether you were at mesmerizing Himalayas or the mighty water-bodies & temples of the south or the historical wonders of the country. Moreover, India features a very interesting and colorful society with its assimilation of multiple cultures. Thus, a trip to India is always full of wonder, awe and amazement. 

Now, you might have recorded the entire Indian trip in video format and now are looking to share it with friends. Yes, you will definitely upload it online so that your friends can relish the experience through social media sites. But the problem is most of your friends today use their smartphones to surf the net and hence it’s always ideal to publish the video in smartphone-friendly format. There are video converter software programs these days that can convert the video saved in your Mac system into a mobile phone friendly format. 

You would have to download and install the video converter in your Mac system. Make sure your chosen program is a mac converter chiefly. The next step after you install the video converter is to add your video to the program. You can even add any external audio or images here if you are looking to produce a special personalized effect on your video. For example, you can add a local Indian folk song as the background music for your India trip video journal.

Then, you will have to choose the needed conversion format for your video. The leading video conversion programs are designed to support all major smartphone formats such as Apple phones, Android phones, BlackBerry phones and so on. After you choose your needed conversion format, it’s time to convert the video. There will be a Convert button on the conversion program- Click on it and start the conversion. However, the best video converter programs in the market allow the users to take up some editing functions as well before the final conversion.

If you are looking for recommendations on high quality video converter software programs for Mac, Movavi Video Converter for Mac is one of the most voted options. Movavi is an internationally recognized and award winning brand. With a customer base in 150 countries, the Movavi products always assure top-notch performance. The Movavi converter program is extremely user-friendly and is compatible with several smart presents for the mobile devices. You will even be able to perform editing functions on your travel video and fine-tune the amateur video mistakes before conversion with the Movavi Video Converter.

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  1. I tried movavi before and it was just okey. I prefer the online converter.