December 16, 2017

Mommy Bloggers Shared The Love To Kids In Marawi Through Nutri10Plus Syrup Vitamin Blog Campaign

One of the outstanding qualities of mothers is their devotion to providing quality nutrition to their children. This is primarily done by preparing healthy foods and giving effective supplements to sustain and nourish their growing family needs. Nutri10Plus Syrup, a multivitamins packed with Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), Taurine, Lysine, Zinc and Vitamins C, A, D3 B1 and more, had been assisting mothers all around the Philippines in developing children with strong bodies, active brains and healthy appetite. 

Figure 1: During the moving up ceremony where Kaye Koo of SinagTala Foundation helped in disseminating the Nutri10Plus and DayCee vitamin pouches to the kids 

Figure 2 Military officers helped in distributing the Nutri10Plus Syrup and DayCee pouches to the kids 

In the effort to help our co-mommies and their children in the war-stricken village in Marawi, 100 Mommy bloggers from Mommy Bloggers Philippines community had collaborated to bring boxes of Nutri10Plus Syrup, DayCee Vitamin C Syrup and several toys, to a hundred kids in Marawi through SinagTala, a non-profit organization headed by Ms. Kaye Koo. SinagTala had been sending help to villages in Marawi since the war erupted and it had sheltered hundreds of children inside the Playroom which served as the mini-school and play area of the children. 

Figure 3 Military officers helped in distributing the Nutri10Plus Syrup and DayCee pouches to the kids 

Figure 4 Assorted toys for the kids 

Figure 5 With Kaye Koo of SinagTala Foundation during turnover of vitamins and toys 
Through the Nutri10Plus Syrup, DAYZINC vitamins and toys, we wish to help uplift the children’s spirits and restore their health as they start on picking up the pieces of their lives as families.

Figure 6 Each pouch contains 2 bottles of Nutri10PlusSyrup, 2 bottles of DayCee Vitamin C and Daycee chewables 

We all thank WERT for this campaign, Kaye Koo of SinagTala and all the staff who have helped in sending the vitamins to Marawi. To learn more about the benefits of Nutri10Plus Syrup, check through their Facebook page 

We are grateful to the mommy bloggers who participated in the campaign using their blogs to bring hundreds of pouches of Nutri10Plus Vitamins full of nutrition for the children in Marawi. Find out more about our lovely mommy bloggers and their experiences as they document their life journeys in their mommy blogs.

December 14, 2017

Food Coma at Hogs & Cattle Steakhouse

My friend was planning a lunch get together and I asked him where are we going to eat? He mentioned a buffet restaurant and I said okay because I haven’t tried that restaurant yet. But after few days, I asked him if we could change the venue and I suggested Hogs & Cattle Steakhouse. If you are reading this blog for quite some time now, you know that I love steak so when I learned about this steakhouse, I immediately bookmarked it.

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Lunch at Texas Roadhouse

We were supposed to eat here when we stayed at Hop Inn Hotel because it is just near Century City Mall but for some reasons we were not able to do it. My friend agreed so I immediately reserved a table online. I received an email confirmation and I was advised that to confirm the reservation, I need to pay P300 per person. So the following day, my husband deposited the downpayment and I emailed the deposit slip.

Fast forward to our get together, we were so early on our scheduled reservation but the staff welcomed us. The restaurant is not that big so it is really better to reserve a slot to make sure that you can eat on time.

We did not order yet but the staff already served soup, bread, and water while we are waiting for our friends. When some of my friends arrived, we started to order na so we can enjoy our unlimited wagyu steak and shrimp.

This is the reason why I wanted to eat at Hogs & Cattle, they have Unlimited Wagyu + Prawns All You Can for P899, side dishes are also unlimited. The package includes bread, soup, side veggies, mashed potato or rice.

Wagyu All You Can - Daily for P899
Wagyu + Prawns All You Can - TTHSS for P899

My son does not have a big appetite so I did not avail unlimited wagyu and prawns. So if you have kids in tow, don’t worry because they have a la carte menu. I only ordered H&C Burger Steak P169 for my son and he liked it too.

For next serving, you can request how many steaks or shrimps you want. The wagyu steak and shrimps are good, we really had best steakperience. I won’t tell you how many steak and shrimps I ate, basta isipin niyo na lang Ketogenic Diet ako. Hehehe! #foodcoma

The service is also good, staffs are approachable and they attend to our needs on time. We enjoyed our get together and we did not even notice the time. When we got our bill, the deposited amount was already deducted. P899 is so worth it, mas sulit because my friend surprised us, he paid for everything. Yey!

How I wish they open another branch in South area para malapit na sa amin. Honestly, I was craving for steaks while I'm writing this post.

Hogs & Cattle Steakhouse
Ground Floor Century City Mall
Poblacion Makati City
Contact 800 4265/ 0917 8607501
Opening Hours: 11AM to 10PM

Available to walk-ins depending on table availability. Reservations are Recommended.

Note: You only need to make a downpayment if you are reserving 6 persons and above. I reserved for 12 persons kaya need ko magdeposit. I have to follow up pa nga kasi they are not replying my email. My husband even called them and I even messaged them on their FB page.

Medyo tago yung Hogs & Cattle, nahirapan kami hanapin, nasa likod pala ng Starbucks. :)

December 13, 2017

First Communion of my Son

Nowadays, interfaith marriage is very common so I know that I’m not the only one who belongs to mixed marriages. When I say mixed marriage, it means that the husband and wife have different religion or belief. I’m a Born Again Christian and my husband is a Catholic, we may have different beliefs but it was never an issue in our marriage. We don’t convince, persuade or force each other to convert. We do respect our own choices, beliefs, and values.

I was also a product of mixed marriages, my father is Protestant and my mother is a Born Again Christian and as we grow old we chose our own belief. So when it comes to my son, I give him the freedom to choose. As long as we believe in one God and we know that religion alone will not save us. But of course, I would be happy if we have the same belief.

Since last month, my son was preparing for his first communion, he was baptized in Catholic church and also studying in Catholic School. Two weeks ago, he told that non-communicants are on vacation already.

Ethan: Mommy, non-communicants will not go to school starting Monday. December 11 na sila papasok.
Me: Talaga, one week yun. Ang haba ng bakasyon. Gusto mo bakasyon na rin tayo, wag ka na pumasok.
Ethan: Huh! I’m a Catholic e.

Natawa na lang ko, may paninindigan na pala anak ko. Don’t get me wrong, I’m just testing him. We already bought white longsleeves, nagphotoshoot na rin sila and we already invited my in-laws to attend my son’s communion.

Day before his communion, my son was asking me if I’m excited.

Ethan: Mommy, are you excited?
Me: Bakit?
Ethan: First communion ko.
Me: Kelangan ko ba maexcite? Are you excited?
Ethan: Yes, first communion ko yun. What’s the taste of the bread?
Me: Tasteless Hehehe!

Kaloka, curious pala siya sa lasa ng hostia

Fast forward to communion, we picked-up my in-laws and off we went to church. Sa sobrang aga namin, nakadalawang mass pa kami. lol! It was my first time to witness communion. After communion, we went straight to Nina’s Kitchen to celebrate.

December 12, 2017

Lunch at Nina’s Kitchen

Whenever we pass by in Southwoods area, we always see Nina’s Kitchen. Sometimes there are so many cars parking outside (lunch or dinner time) so we’re thinking na baka event place siya. Out of curiosity, I searched for it and I found out that it is a restaurant. They convert their family home to a restaurant.

Last week, my husband called their number but the number is cannot be reached and I messaged them on their Facebook page but as of this writing, there is no reply. We just wanted to make a reservation pero dahil walang reply, nagwalk-in na lang kami and if ever closed sila, we will just eat at Southwoods Mall. So after, My Son’s First Communion we went straight to Nina’s Kitchen.

Upon arrival, we were ushered to our table and they gave us the menu. You will see a lot of photos around the restaurant. Nina Almoro is the owner of the restaurant, she is a classmate and close friend of Ms. Universe Pia Wurtzbach. You will also see several photos of other celebrities who visited the restaurant.

We ordered Caesar Salad P180, Pork Tocino P150, Daing na Bangus P220, Baked Salmon P290, Lengua Con Cetas P280, Pork Spareribs Caldereta P325, and Banana Split P190.

Since we were the first and only diners in the restaurant, we did not wait that long for our order. Service is good, staffs are accommodating and approachable. The price is very reasonable and serving is big, it was hard for me to finish my Lengua Con Cetas meal. And because of that, I haven’t tried other dishes but according to my family, masarap naman order nila. I even take-out leche flan for P160 and taste is also good.

Nina’s Kitchen is a hole in the wall restaurant in Laguna but it is worth visiting. The place is cozy and it feels like home. I’m happy that there is a nice restaurant near in our area.

Nina’s Kitchen 
Lot 32 Blk 8 Silmer Village, San Francisco
Southwoods, Biñan City, Laguna
11AM to 9PM
Tuesday to Sunday

December 10, 2017

Shopping at

If you remember my post, I ordered Happy Girls Stamps last October and since then, I’ve been checking different bookstores, looking for acrylic block stamp. I already received my clear stamps last month but I can’t use it because I have no Acrylic Block Stamp. I’ve been to different malls na, in Laguna, Cavite, and Alabang but I did not see anything.

My husband was teasing me, na baka wala naman sa Pinas niyan. I searched online and some of the online stores have acrylic block stamps but it was sold out or out of stock. Then last week my search led me to online store. I was glad that they have stock of acrylic block but I was hesitant to order because,

1. It is already December, baka matagalan ang dating ng order. I had two local orders and it took them more than a week bago ko natanggap order ko. Super follow-up pa ko sa courier kasi hindi naman nag-update yung status sa tracking nila.

2. I have plans na this December so I cannot afford to stay at home para lang maghintay sa order.

3. It was my first time to see the online store.

But I really need the acrylic block stamp so I took a risk. I checked the Craft FB page and puro good reviews naman nabasa ko. So I ordered last December 6 and paid via Paypal then after few minutes, I received my order confirmation and I was advised that it will take 5-7 business days to provincial address.

I ordered Round Corner Cutter, Clear Acrylic Block 3 x 4, Clear Acrylic Block 1 2 x 2, Dye Ink Pad  Black Tie, Muji Style Notebook A6 Grid and Muji Style Notebook Dotted.

The following day, I received a message that my package is on its way, so I was expecting na next week ko pa matatanggap so I was really shocked when I received my order in the afternoon via JRS. Wow, ang bilis! I was really happy with my first shopping experience.

December 6 - I ordered and paid via Paypal
December 7 - I received my order.

What I Like About Craft PH 

1. Their website is easy to use.
2. They accept credit card, bank, and Paypal payment.
3. They ship nationwide and FREE shipping for orders P1000 and above.
4. Good customer service.

- I received a 10% discount for signing-up which I haven’t used kasi nakaorder na ko bago ko nakita yung email.
- I also receive an email “ If you have any questions or if there is anything else I can help you with, please reach out to me without hesitation.”
-  They advised me when they shipped the package and gave me the tracking number.
-  I even received a free pouch because they have a promo that time.

5. Good packaging. All my orders are carefully packed in bubble wrap and box so I received everything in good condition.
6.  And of course, I received my order the following day.

One thing I realized, magastos pala ang magcraft. Nabubutas na bulsa ko. hehehe!

Senyor Juan Suman Latik

I love Filipino foods and delicacies but so far, I can only cook puto and palitaw. So whenever I see kiosks or stores that sell kakanin or rice treats, napapabili ko lalo na pag gutom ako. I used to buy suman + latik on our way to my grandmother’s house in Laguna but it’s been two years since our last visit there. My grandmother no longer stays in Laguna so wala na yung monthly kain ko ng suman with latik. For P100, ang dami ko ng suman and latik nun.

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Last week, while my husband and son are in the barber shop, I saw Senyor Juan kiosk in front of the barber shop. So I ordered Original Suman and Latik P35 and Dalandan Honey Juice P35, my husband and son are not fond of kakanin so ako lang kumain. The taste is good kaso mall price na so I find it expensive. But I’m happy because I can eat this whenever I crave for suman with latik.

Aside from the original flavor, you can also order special suman, you can choose from Espesyal Ube Macapuno, Espesyal Chocolate, Espesyal Peach, Espesyal Langka, Espesyal Leche Flan, and Espesyal Mangga P69.

Suman and Latik Benefits 

Malagkit (Sticky Rice)

Rich in protein, fiber and zinc, lower bad cholesterol and control blood sugar levels

Latik ( Muscovado Sugar) 

Often touted as a natural, unrefined alternative to brown sugar. - natural, strongly flavored, fewer empty calories, proteins, fiber, fight cancer, stabilizing sugar levels in diabetics, assisting weight loss, reducing fevers, preventing tooth decay, and promoting good kidney function.

Budbud (Dried Coconut Pulp) 

Protect against heart disease and stroke as well.
 vitamin A, Vitamin E and decrease the levels of cholesterols.

Senyor Juan Suman and Latik Price 

Senyorito P35
Senyorita P105
Senyora P199
Senyor P399

Senyor Juan 
SM Sta Rosa Branch

December 05, 2017

4 Places Everyone Must Add To Their Fishing List

Fishing is a low-stress physical activity that keeps your body moving for hours at a time. Therefore, if you are looking for ways to unwind after a hectic schedule, you should consider fishing. With fishing, not only do you get the opportunity to cook a meal that could give seafood restaurants a run for their money, but you also get the chance to spend time in the outdoors. If you want to increase your chances of catching delicious fish, we would advise you to visit the 4 places mentioned below. Visit the site,, for detailed information on fishing. 

1. Florida Keys, Florida 

If you want to enjoy a heavenly fishing experience, you must pay a visit to Florida Keys. Many visitors even charter a boat and head to the deep seas of the Atlantic Ocean, caught in the warm Gulf Stream, to catch some of the most exotic fishes in the world; some of these fishes include swordfish, sailfish, and white marlin etc. However, if you aren't feeling too adventurous and would rather fish from the coast, you will still be able to catch fishes such as permit, snook, bonefish, redfish, and tarpon etc. You shouldn't be too disheartened if you fail to get any bite; there isn't a dearth of great sea restaurants in the region.

2. Kona, Hawaii 

Professional anglers and recreational anglers alike love fishing in the waters of Kona in Hawaii. If you love deep-sea fishing, you will love this place as the depth is just a few kilometers outside of the harbor. How deep is the area? Well, it bottoms out at 6,000 feet below. So, what fishes can you expect to catch here? You can catch tuna, ono, and even sharks! And, of course, the views are quite breathtaking as well. 

3. Bighorn River, Montana

If you consider yourself a fly fishing enthusiast, you must pay a visit to the Bighorn River in Montana. Although most parts of the river are inaccessible as they pass through private property, the fishing spots that are accessible are worth braving the crowds for. The river is filled with brown trout; however, if you are lucky, you may even be able to catch prized rainbows. 

4. Kobuk River, Alaska 

Are you tired of catching the same fishes again and again? If you are, you should perhaps head north for rarer catches; you should consider paying a visit to the Kobuk River in Alaska. The river is over 200 miles long and is a hotbed for fishes such as lake trout, chum salmon, arctic grayling and northern pike etc. However, if you truly want to boast about your fishing adventures in Alaska to your friends, you must attempt to catch the river´s true prize, the sheefish.

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December 04, 2017

Reykjanes Peninsula Tour in Iceland

Iceland is one of my dream destination so I have a lot of places that I wanted to visit, Prior to our trip, I researched and read a lot for our itinerary but I was not able to use it. We did not book any tour for our Iceland Trip because my aunt (cousin of my mom) said that they will tour us so I just go with the flow. 

Reykjanes Peninsula Tour will give you a glimpse of UNESCO Global Geopark where you can see hot springs, lava fields, craters, cliffs, black sand and geothermal activities. If you will book a tour, you will visit the following places, the places may vary depending on the tour operators that you will choose. 

1. ON Geothermal Energy Exhibition 
2. Strandakirkja - a small church in the area. 
3. Geothermal area of Krysuvik 
4. Gunnuhver - active hot spring 
5. Brimketill - where you can see the huge waves from the Atlantic Ocean. 
6. Grindavik - small fishing village 
7. Reykjanesviti Lighthouse 
8. Bridge Between Continents 
9. Blue Lagoon 

In Reykjanes Peninsula alone, there are so many interesting places to visit but we were only visited few places. During our first day, after we ate in my aunt’s house, we went back to the airport to pick-up my uncle (he works at the airport) and then he drove us around Keflavik and Reykjanes. One thing I noticed, walang kapuno-puno o halaman sa area. Just like in Norway, walang traffic and ang daming open space. 

Check my video here so you can have a Glimpse of Reykjanes Peninsula

Strandakirkja Church 

During our road trip, we were able to see the small church in Iceland in Strandakirkja. I just don’t have a picture since we did not stop there. But do you know the reason why there is a small church in that coast? 
Once upon a time, there was a farmer who was in danger, he was about to crash into the rocks but he prayed to God and promised that if he would survive, he will build a church in that shore. An angel appeared and rescued him to the shore. As he promised, he built a church. There was a church in that area since 12th century, the one that we saw was a new version. 
Gardskagi Lighthouse 

At Gardskagi, you will find two lighthouses. There is one small lighthouse and one big lighthouse. The small lighthouse was built in 1897 so it is the older lighthouse. It is low so it is not affected if there is a fog but since it was near the coastline, sometimes it is not visible if there is a seastorm. It now serves as bird observatory so you can see a lot of birds in the area too. 

In 1944, they build another lighthouse which is just a few meters away from the small lighthouse. This is the highest lighthouse in Iceland. 

Rostin Restaurant is a famous restaurant in the area, which is open from 11:30 to 20:30.

There are a lot of fishing boat here because Reykjanes is known for fishing industry. 

On the road, we noticed a lot of rock stones and we even saw this one. My son told me “Mommy, this is not Iceland, this is Rockland”. hehehe! Maybe, he was expecting that this country is full of ice but we found rocks. 

I don’t know the name of this place, but you can see the view of the city here and even volcano from afar. According to my aunt, they go here if there is snow, pwede magski

Lava Fields 

Reykjanes is known for lava fields so this is the reason why you don’t see a lot of trees or plants here. Mahirap mabuhay sa bato ang mga halaman di ba? Though I’ve seen few trees, bilang lang sa daliri. Most of the time, you will see moss around the area.

Blue Lagoon 

Blue Lagoon is the popular tourist spot in Iceland, it is one of the 25 wonders of the world. It is near the airport so if you want you can go here straight from the airport, just make sure that you already book your appointment. We went here during on our second day in Iceland and I will share our visit in a separate post. 

Bridge Between Two Continents 

There is nothing spectacular when you see the “Bridge Between Two Continents” because all you can see is a bridge. But knowing that this bridge connects two continents, North America and Europe, you will feel impressed. This bridge connects two land masses or two continents. Wow! I will share our experience in a separate post. 

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