May 16, 2018

The New BPI EMV Debit Card

Since last year, BDO has been replacing the old ATM card with new BDO EMV Card. I already blogged about it, you can check it here. This year, BPI is now replacing the old ATM card with new BPI Debit Mastercard. Since March, I’ve been seeing BPI branches that are open every Saturday just to release the ATM cards. I was wondering, why I haven’t received any text or email from my branch. Then last month, I received an email and text that my BPI EMV Debit Card is ready for pick-up.

“On (Insert Date) your new BPI EMV Card for your account ending in XXXX will be ready for pick-up at (Insert Branch). We will be open from 9AM to 4:30PM, exclusively for EMV card releasing. 

1 valid government issued ID with photo and signature 
Photocopy of the ID 
Current BPI ATM Card 

Upon claiming, you’ll be asked to update your personal information and signature card. Prepare your SSS no. and TIN. Visit” 

So a few weeks ago, off we went to NCR (old account) just to get my BPI EMV Debit Card, I arrived 10 minutes before 9AM but the branch is already open for business. So I pick-up the clipboard and filled-out the form.

Steps in Getting your New BPI EMV Card 

1. Fill-out the form

Important Reminders: 

1. Please write legibly in capital letters (including the email address)
2. No alteration/erasure
3. Check the back portion of the form for the correct codes
4. The permanent and present address must be encoded completely (do not put same or same as above)

2. Verification and Release of Forms

 After you filled out the form, go to the staff so they can verify your papers and proceed to the next step.

3. The release of EMV Debit Cards

Give the form so the staff can look for your EMV Card. In front of you, he/she will open the envelope to double check and will ask you to sign a form that you have received your BPI Debit Mastercard.

Good thing that I arrived before 9AM and I was done after 20 minutes. I was not happy when I received my BPI EMV Card because I went to Metro Manila just to get my ATM only to find out that they will just give one ATM for all accounts. How I wish, yung isang account ko na lang sa malapit sa amin pinadala yung ATM noh? I don’t like the idea of one ATM for all accounts, what’s the use of having separate accounts for different purposes. For joint accounts too, they only give one ATM. If I learned about this before, sana hindi na ko nagpakahirap, nagpareplace na lang ko ng ATM and paid P150 mas tipid pa sa gastos.

I haven’t activated my BPI Debit Card yet, I need more information pa if it is really safe to use one ATM for all accounts or if I can apply ATM for each accounts. What if may nangyari sa ATM mo, (nawala or nakain ng ATM Machine)? Wala ka na extra ATM para makapagwithdraw. Nagtipid naman ang BPI sa pagreplace ng ATM ng mga accountholders nila.

BPI Debit Mastercard Features

1.EMV Chip-Enabled. EMV (Europay, Mastercard, and Visa) is the global standard for card payments. It uses chip card technology to ensure that every transaction is secure.
2. 6-Digit Pin. Boost security with a 6-Digit Pin
3. Account Linkage. No need to carry several cards for different card-based Deposit Accounts. Carry up to 10 card-based Deposit Accounts in one card.
4. Global Acceptance. Use your card to withdraw here and abroad.

* By activating the card, you agree to link your other card-based Deposit Accounts to this debit card and be bound by the terms and conditions associated with this card and all future amendments thereto.

Your BPI Debit Mastercard is accepted in over 45,000 BancNet-affiliated stores locally. 

1. Withdraw cash from and BPI and BancNet-affiliated ATM
2. Pay like cash. Shop and make purchases in-stores where BancNet is accepted.
3. Pay Bills. Pay bills with any of BPI ATMs
4. Tap to pay. No need to sign or key in your PIN to pay. Just quickly tap for purchase below P2000. 5. Debit Internationally. Withdraw from any BancNet and Mastercards-affiliated ATMs here and abroad.

How to Activate Your BPI Debit Mastercard 

Step 1: Please make sure that you have your old ATM/Debit card with you.
Step 2: Check that the last four digits stated on the upper right side of this card carrier match the last four digits on the back of your old ATM/Debit Card.
Step 3: Go to any BPI ATM

A. Insert your Old BPI ATM/Debit Card
B. Select your preferred language
C. Select Other Services > Pin Services
D. Select Activate Debit EMV Card.
E. Enter the 4-digit pin of your old ATM/Debit Card

Step 4:

A. Insert your BPI Debit Mastercard
B. Select your preferred language
C. Select Other Services > Pin Services
D. Select Nominate Pin for Debit EMV Card
E. Nominate your new 6-digit PIN

* Your new card will be activated after 24 hours from PIN Change. Your old ATM/Debit Card will be deactivated within 30-60 days from activation of your new card.
* Your old ATM/Debit cards for accounts linked to his card will remain active until further notice.

Account Linkage 

1. Account Linkage gives you greater access and control of your accounts. It also lessens the number of cards in your wallet.
2. For your convenience, we have assigned a Main Deposit Account to this debit card. We also pre-linked your other card-based Deposit Accounts to this debit card. (if any)
3. The Main Deposit Account car be viewed and used in BPI and non-BPI ATMs here and abroad. You can also use this account to pay for Point-of-Sale (POS) purchases in-store.
4. The other linked accounts can only be viewed and used in BPI ATMs.
5. If you wish to change your MAin Deposit Account, link or unlink any of your card-based Deposit Accounts. Please visit any BPI branch or call 89100
6. Your card’s withdrawal and purchase limit will not increase regardless of the number of accounts linked. Your card limits are pre-set.

Maximum Daily Withdrawal: XX
Maximum Daily Withdrawal Count: XX
Maximum Daily Purchase Amount: XX

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