March 28, 2011

The Journey of Being a Full Time Mom

When I decided to resign from work, I know that it would be difficult for me because I am not used being at home. Two months after graduation I already started working so choosing to be a stay at home mom is really a challenge. I enjoy the first two months because I have time for myself, no work, no more graveyard shift and no more deadlines.

But after two months I really feel bored because I cannot do anything and I am stuck at home. I have all the time in the world but I cannot go on vacation because I am on bed rest for few months, I do not want to spend money since I no longer have a salary and I have no companions since they are working. Well, aside from the usual household chores, most of the time I watch TV, surf the internet, bake cupcakes and read magazines and pregnancy books.
After three months of not working, I tried to be a real estate agent but it is not easy so I stop before giving birth. When my baby came, my life gradually changes because this time, I have little time for myself. It is really hard to become a wife, a mother and maid rolled into one. Looking back the past; I cannot imagine how I was able to go through so I really thank God for giving me the strength always.
Since I am not used being at home and not working, I have tried to open my online store (, it all started with my baby pre-loved stuff and then I decided to resell Greencow products since I am patronizing their product too. 

Ten months ago, I have applied to be a ghostwriter, I am not a good writer, in fact, I hate English subject during my school days but I still took the risks and fortunately I was hired. I have been doing this for eight months and I resigned because it’s eating my time and I have no time for my son.
Then I started to make my own blog where I can freely write and share my story during my free time. I know that my journey as a full-time mom will not end so soon and it is still counting.  I just hope and pray that as I walk this path, I will learn to enjoy and appreciate more my chosen career.


  1. I think it's harder if a mother (like us) won't have any work. Feeling ko nakaka degrade :D don't get me wrong, that's just what I felt when I was at home. I was so eager to work again.

  2. We have the same feeling before, I even felt that I am useless but when I’ve read “professionalizing motherhood” I have realized that motherhood is still a career with no salary. :-). Am still looking for my own copy para mabasa ko ulit, pinahiram lang kasi sa kin. :-)