April 19, 2011

Text Scam

We all know that scams are everywhere and yesterday I received a text from this number 09282030786.
Message: SMART GOLD: You’re the one selected postpaid plan given 35% discount billing. To get your 35% discount billing, just forward 15-digit secret code to 8080. You will receive 15-digit secret code on next message.
Message 2: 639216496585 200
It looks like a pasa-load code.


  1. Yikes! with that code, you might be passing a lot of load from your phone load/account. Tsk! napaka dangerous.

  2. Yup! It does look like a pasaload code. Tsk tsk Sometimes I wonder where the scammers get our cellphone numbers. I also received several scam text messages that I won something from PCSO. However, I think this is a new scam. :(