June 29, 2011

Jesselton Point Waterfront

Jesselton Point Waterfront is formerly known as Kota Kinabalu Ferry Terminal, it is a place where you need to go if you want to go to Labuan, Gayana Island, and Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park.

We woke up early for our island hopping, I’ve asked the staff for directions and she told me, “just go straight and when you see Hyatt Hotel, the Jesselton Point is at the back of it.” Again I just follow the road and look for Hyatt Hotel, upon reaching the Hyatt Hotel, I was looking for the arch but I cannot see anything, I just saw this fish monument.

I decided to turn left, following the sign of the fish but it was a wrong move. Again, we’re lost so I asked again for directions and the lady told me, just walk straight. It is funny that whenever I’ve asked for directions they will just say, follow the road, go straight and walk straight and the landmark that they are giving me is too far from the place that I need to go.

When you see the fish monument, you should turn right and the landmark is Suria Sabah Mall. I was so happy when I see this arch, finally, we’re in Jesselton Point.

I went inside the office and proceeded to counter 8 to avail our discount from City Park Lodge, RM4 per person. Since we only have limited time, I decided to go to one island only and that is Manukan Island.

Manukan Island Entrance Fee
Adult: RM23
Children: RM18

Terminal Fee

Adult: RM7.20
Children: RM3.60

Others: RM5 – lifejacket
In spite of getting lost, we're still early because 8AM is the boat departure so we still have 45 minutes to roam around. I did not mind waiting because I enjoyed watching the view, port and people.  I am not surprise if this became one of their main city attractions because it is a great place to unwind and watch sunrise/sunset.  


  1. i was thinking were is this place until I see you your labels .I like the big fish landmark.Sometimes it is better not to ask for directions because some people is not good at giving it .some are in a hurry so they just sya follow this and that.

  2. Tagal ko sa Malaysia 6 yrs! Pero Di ko napuntahan KK.. Hehe.. Hope to visit this place soon.. Famous ang mountain hiking dyan I want to try it.. ;-)

    1. Yes, I have a friend who did the hiking.

  3. I was in KL but never been to KK which made me wanna plan a trip there but my IT will be coming from Zamboanga and take the boat to Sandakan then go to KK by bus. I hope it works for me

  4. Surprised at how progressive KK looks. Nice photos!

  5. hahahaha.... just follow the road... Nice photos...

  6. beautiful photos!!!!... it's really not the destination but the journey! thanks! Gem of My Dailies

  7. Nice Captured u far is KK from KL? Is there a flight from Phil to KK...Nice post???

  8. Kota Kinabalu rings in my ears. I couldn't remember when I heard this place. But I know pretty well that I overheard this place before from my circle of friends. Now it has a new name, Jesselton Point Waterfront. What does the swordfish doing in the fountain? Is this the place national fish? Your pictures are awesome. They really speak of the place. Two thumbs-up!

  9. This brings awesome memories! I love KK's islands. We camped overnight in Pulau Mamutik :)

  10. eigroj - yes, there is a direct flight from manila to kota or clark to kota kinabalu. but people who lives in mindanao ride boat to get to kota just like journey and travels said.

    pinay travel junkie - we only stayed in manukan island.