June 30, 2011

KFC in Malaysia

We did not eat at the island because we’re afraid to miss the boat so when we reach Jesselton Point, we look for a restaurant where we could eat our lunch but it was scorching hot so we decided to eat at Suria Sabah. Since we are not familiar with the place, it took us so much time to look for restroom and restaurant. Finally, we saw KFC.

2pc chicken, rice and soup w/drinks RM10.40, 3 pcs chicken, roll, mashed poatato and coleslaw w/drinks RM12.70
I was looking for gravy because I love KFC gravy but I did not see anything and I’ve noticed that each table has two bottles of ketchup which I do not like. Thank God for the gravy of mashed potato, though the taste is different from what we have here in the Philippines.
Breakfast Combo RM8
On our third day, we were looking for a cafĂ© shop or fast food chain so we could eat our breakfast before we start the City Tour. Then we saw KFC at Kampung Air, it is open 24hrs. So I ordered a breakfast meal, the KFC staff does not know how to speak in English so we are having a hard time so we end up using hand gestures. J I went back to her to ask for a spoon and fork but they do not have a fork, she just gave me a spoon. Then I’ve realized that not all restaurant or fast food in Kota Kinabalu use spoon and fork; expect that you will eat using your hands. Good thing that I did not order rice meal.


  1. I love their original recipe chicken, pati rin yung spicy ng KFC! But, what I love most would be the buttery taste of their mashed potatoes, with lots of gravy! Yun lang solve na ako, hehehe! Tnx for sharing! =)

  2. namiss ko nga yung unlimited gravy.

  3. ^walang fork, tapos paglingon ko, may isang table na nagkakamay yung kumakain, so gaya na lang. hehe!