June 28, 2011

Malaysia: Secret Recipe

We're supposed to eat at Seri Selara on our first night but we got lost and we're already tired of walking. I even asked for directions and staff told me, “Just follow the road, landmark is Le Meridien”.  I know that it is just there but I can’t find it. I already gave up because we need to sleep early, so when I saw Secret Recipe restaurant, we immediately crossed the road and entered the restaurant.

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This restaurant is also included in my “must try restaurant list” so I know that the food will be good and it did not fail my expectations. The food taste good and they also have big servings. We ordered Mozzarella Baked Fish RM18.50, Stewed Aussie Beef Steak RM19.50 and Ice Lemon Tea RM5.50

mozzarella baked fish with herbs and cherry tomatoes, fried potatoes and steamed vegetable

beef stewed, french fries and steamed vegetables

my son enjoyed stirring this ice tea till it was mixed


  1. Mozarella baked fish looks delish!

  2. Buti nalang katapos ko lang kumai:) ka gutom pa naman 2 post mo:)

    The Mozerilla baked fish...ppetizing!

  3. Hello, Michi! Parang masarap yung mozzarella baked fish, it looks very delicious, a mouth-watering dish! Does it really taste good?! =)

  4. yes! i really enjoyed the mozzarella baked fish, anything with cheese. =)

  5. I'm not really a fan of Secret Recipe here in Rp. But maybe I should give them a try again. =)