June 17, 2011

White Chicken Adobo

Just this week, I was able to watch 100% Pinoy wherein they feature “Adobo”. I was surprised that there are so many ways to cook adobo and it inspired me to cook white chicken adobo. 

I just placed all the ingredients in a pan. The usual ingredients of adobo like water, vinegar, whole peppercorn, garlic, bay leaf and instead of using soy sauce, I used iodized salt. I do not use measuring cup, I just put the ingredients according to my taste.

I let it boil and flip the chicken from time to time.

Add cooking oil and pan fry the chicken, just to add some color. I was happy with the result so I’ll do it again but instead of chicken, I will use pork.


  1. Ngayon ko lang na-encounter yang "white" adobo sans the soy sauce. Pero mukhang masarap. =D And fave ko naman adobo yung medyo spicy. Yum!

  2. Napanood ko din yang episode na yan. Looks yummy sis.:)

  3. I used to cook a different version of adobo where instead of vinegar, I used lemon juice. It tastes almost the same. For those who aren't really fans of vinegar, this is a good alternative. =)

  4. hmmm I must try! when I cook adobo, I put a dash of brown sugar in my adobo - ok lang kaya lagyan ng sugar din itong whie adobo version? :-D

    Spanish Pinay

  5. @spanish pinay - i'm not a fan of sweet viands but it's up to you, chinese style yata yung may sugar. =)

    @blackshirt13- haven't tried the spicy adobo.

    @ jane - sometimes i used calamansi juice instead of vinegar. lemon is expensive. =)

    @ cha - i watch it na every night. hehe!