July 26, 2011

7 Things About Me

Here’s my own list of the seven things about me. I am not sure if anyone would be interested in my “not so good experience” while growing up and old. 

1. When I was still in elementary, I used to have an-an on my face, of all my body parts, it always chooses my face. I use ap-ap solution to cure my an-an because ointment did not help. 

I really hate the days when I have this because I have to go to school with a wound on my face (it happens when I applied ap-ap solution because it burn the an-an part). Of course, people always ask me what happened to my face. I used to cover my face with my hair, good thing that I have one length hairstyle (not sure if that is the right term). But thank God, I have no scars or mark on my face. 

2. When I was in college, my hair started falling out and I do not know why. So I have to ponytail my hair to cover the bald part of my head (size of P5 coin). I only use hair grower products and everything went fine. 

3. Last year in college when I found out that I have psoriasis. It a skin disorder that has no cure. It started on my scalp and it spreads on my body. I still have a mild case that time so I am not really affected but when I gave birth to my son, which is the start of my moderate to severe case. Until now, I’m still on medication to control it.

4. Whenever I see a salted egg, it always reminds me of “my three stitches on my index finger”. I accidentally cut my finger when slicing the salted egg (so stupid) and blood was oozing for almost an hour so I called my husband to accompany to the hospital. 

The E.R. nurse smiled when I showed her my finger because she thought it is just a simple cut that will be okay after few days but the E.R. doctor advise me to stitch the cut. I also got a tetanus vaccination. If the HMO did not cover my bill, I will pay P7k. It is really difficult working on 9 fingers. 

5. After three months, I undergo surgical tooth extraction because my wisdom tooth is not in proper position and the pain is really killing me. They have to slice my gums to remove the wisdom tooth and here we go again, they have to stitch the cut. I am not sure if this is my initiation before getting pregnant. The doctor and dentist said the same thing, it is nothing compared to the birth pain.

6. Then after few months, I got pregnant. On my 7th month, I had a PUPPP (Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy), of all pregnant people, it chose me. It affects one out of two hundred pregnant people. I had this all over my body and I cannot sleep because it is so itchy. I can tolerate the psoriasis itch but I cannot tolerate the puppp. This is also the reason why I have limited pregnant pictures because I feel that I was the ugliest pregnant on earth.

7. But with all of these not so good experiences, I am still alive and kicking. It just taught me one thing, ‘this too will pass”


  1. Congratulations to your award! you deserve it and nice to know more about you:)

    Happy blogging!

  2. Wow, you're such a strong woman. Kudos!

  3. Yes, you're right. As with everything else, it too shall pass. You're a very brave woman. =)

  4. you're a survivor! thanks for tagging me!