July 14, 2011

French Toasts

My son is a picky eater who only considered breakfast and snacks as his meal time. He rarely eats lunch and dinner and if he eats lunch and dinner, we are the happiest people on earth. He does not like rice but he likes pasta, noodles, oatmeal, cereal and bread.

Most of the time, he is satisfied with bread and nutella. So from time to time, I cook French toasts, it is so very easy to make and for sure you have all the ingredients in your pantry such as bread, egg, butter, milk, sugar and cinnamon powder. 

Cinnamon is optional because not all people like cinnamon powder. I remember when I was a kid I don’t like cinnamon bread; I even hate its smell. I can’t remember the time when I’ve learned to appreciate it.


  1. Sis, parehong pareho tayo! Or your son and my daughter are the same. Hindi kumakain ng kanin and hindi kumakain ng breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Puro snacks lang. And yes, she likes french toast too. Actually, that's the only thing (aside from instant noodles) that I cook that she likes. Haha. nice to see may kapareho pa la kaming mag-ina. High-five!

  2. breakfast meal lang kinakain ng son ko. as in mabibilang sa kamay na kumain ng rice, minsan parang sand ang sinubo mu sa kanya kung mailuwa yung rice. kaya if ever kumain siya, tuwang tuwa kami. =)

  3. love this!! try w/ peanut butter and strawberry jam! :D

  4. I think kids just don't like eating regular meals. Even my nephew is satisfied with just eating mashed potatoes or carrots in every meal. =)