August 07, 2011

Meet My Other Family

It’s been a year since I became part of Asian PsorClub; it is a club for psoriasis patients. I am happy to be part of this group and I consider them as my second family. I always reiterate that having psoriasis is really tough but life becomes easy if you know that you are not alone with this battle and you know that there are people who really understand your feelings because they have been there.

Asian PsorClub holds meeting every month at Asian Hospital so if you know someone who has psoriasis, just let us know. It is a two hour meeting where we learn more about psoriasis and new discoveries of treatment. It is our time to share our stories, improvements and experiences. This is actually my “Me Time” because this is the only time that I’m away from my son and hubby.  =) They will just accompany me to the hospital and they will stay at Festival Mall parking lot waiting for 10AM so they could enter the mall, this is their sacrifice for me every month.

But because of hectic schedule we had no meetings since April so we’re all happy to see each other yesterday. Last march is our last meeting and first outing of the group. Our in-charge doctor has a private resort in Laguna so we had an overnight stay there. It was fun because we can enjoy the swimming pool without thinking other people. We can wear anything without hiding our lesions.

Part of our meeting is the PsorRocks concert but unfortunately I cannot join them because we have an early flight the following day so we need to sleep early. But of course I have to buy the PsorRocks concert ticket, whether I will attend or not because we love PsorPhil and without them we have no organization.

After the concert activity, we need to prepare because we will be having our dance practice by September. Yes, you have read it right; we will dance whether we like it or not because we need to perform on our October Funwalk. I cannot imagine myself dancing again, I’m a person with no talent, I can’t sing and I can’t dance so I really have low grades in my Gymnastics and Dancing class when I was in College. But I know that we will be having a great time because even our senior’s citizen members are all excited to perform.

So meet my other family.

World's  Psoriasis Day

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  1. It always makes me happy to see support groups like this. Good for you on having one. Your activities seems to be a lot of fun.:)

  2. inspiring group, grateful to see that you give emotional and pratical support to others

  3. I am glad to see that you are part of such an inspiring group. Truly, you gained a new family in them. :)

  4. What a great advocacy. Great job sis! =)