November 15, 2011

Isdaan at Tarlac

I’ve seen this floating restaurant on TV few years ago and I’ve been meaning to go here but it is too far from our place so I was thankful when I saw Isdaan on our way to Victoria, Laguna but it is still under construction for almost three years (been there last September 2011). Whenever we go to Pangasinan our stopover is always Hacienda Luisita, this is where we usually eat if we are hungry so Isdaan is really out of way.

Finally, I was able to visit Isdaan in Gerona, Tarlac on our way home from Baguio. You will not miss the place because you will see the big statues of fish. =)

The floating restaurant is really huge so we took our time to tour the place and take some pictures. This is the best place for a stopover and break from the long drive.

You will see the famous Tacsiyapo Wall where you can vent your anger by throwing and smashing plates, cups, and even television, of course it is not free.

There is also San Kilo Bridge Challenge, where you can take home one kilo of fish if you can cross the bridge without falling.

We ordered half kilo grilled tilapia and rice for our quick meal before braving the traffic and three expressways (SCTEX, NLEX and SLEX). There are also musikeros (musicians) who serenade diners but this is one thing that I really dislike, (ayaw ko ng may istorbo kasi pag kumakain ako). #introvertproblem

My husband always eats here if he has a business trip in Baguio so I am aware that there is nothing special about the food but I love the ambiance.


  1. Ddapat nandyan kami last sunday kaya lang walang tigil ang ulan! hayyyy... 2nd time na na po-postponed pagpunta namin Isdaan. Sa january na lang namin ni reschedule pagpunta dyan. Dadayuhin lang talaga namin sya. hehehe!

  2. ^ ang layo ko kasi para dayuhin siya, kaya hinihintay ko yung sa victoria, laguna kaso hindi pa rin gawa last navisit ko. buti na lang nagbaguio kami. =)

  3. Last time I went to Baguio was about 9years ago. Hindi pa gawa ang Isdaan. Buti masipag magdrive si Hubby. :)

  4. ^ no choice siya kasi hindi ako marunong magdrive e, hehe!

  5. Ito yung nafeature dati sa Rated K. Naalala ko dahil sa Tacsiyapo Wall. :)

  6. mejo matagal lang iserve ang food jan no? pero ok naman, good place for a stopover.

  7. nung time namin, mabilis lang siguro dahil isa lang order namin na food, hehe!

  8. proud to be tarlaquenyo here! isa sa pinagmamalaki ng Tarlac