June 09, 2012

Muffin Tray

My son is now a school boy and one of my dilemmas is his snacks. I don’t know what to prepare because he’s not fond of eating rice meals. He eats depending on his mood so it is not surprising anymore if he went home without eating his snacks. Since last week, I’m just giving him snacks like cupcake, mamon and sandwiches. Last Friday, I prepared rice meal because his schedule is from 10:30AM to 1PM but same fate, he just took a bite. Good thing that he eats heavy meal before and after school.

But of course, I want him to eat during recess time. So, I’ve been checking pinterest site for the last two weeks and now I’m starting to try some of the recipes. I was so amazed because muffin tray is not only for muffin and cupcake, you can use this tray in different recipes like these.

I have tried the meatloaf but I use my own recipe. Next time I will try the breakfast omelet muffin. Now, I love my muffin tray. 

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