July 17, 2012


I’ve been so busy these past few days and a little bit sad that’s why I’m not in the mood to blog. I’ve mentioned before that I joined Mr. and Ms. PsorPhil, it is a fund raising event to help people who have psoriasis. Few days before the second canvassing my husband just gave me 2 envelopes so I was really sad because he told me “don’t worry ako bahala”. I trusted him but after three weeks of waiting he only gave me two envelopes.

But I don’t want to submit 2 envelopes so I went to my grandmother’s house last Sunday to ask for donation. I know that I can just put the money that I’m going to spend for gas and tollgate in the envelope but I want to know if my family and relatives will help and support my advocacy. I’m not really after the amount but I want to know how far they can go to help me. Are they going to help me to spread the word? Will they ask their friends or they won’t bother to ask people for donation? Are they going to share some of their blessings to us #people who have psoriasis?

I only have few envelopes on my hand but I still went to the second canvassing yesterday at Asian Hospital. I was shocked and happy when my doctor and other members of our group gave me envelopes. I was really delighted because they help me to ask for donations. I truly appreciate their time and effort in helping me and I’m so blessed to have them. I submitted 15 envelopes but those envelopes help me to reach the number one spot. It was a close fight with one of the delegates so I still need to triple my effort.

I was ecstatic when I landed on top 1 but at the same time I feel so ashamed because one of the delegates is a 76 year old woman who always submit several envelopes every canvassing so I guess she submitted more or less 200 envelopes. I was so amazed how she did that, talking to different people and ask for donations. A really brave and strong woman who gives time and effort to spread the word even she will not get anything from it. Yes, we do not have any prize in this contest so even if I will win the Mr. and Ms. PsorPhil I will not get anything. But I know that I would be very happy because in my own little way, I was able to help our group. If nanay can do it why can’t I do it but it is not yet late, I still have few weeks left to give out my envelopes before the last canvassing, August 11, 2012.

Thank you for those people who help me in spreading the word and thanks to Mel of Mel’s Hidden Passion, Joy of Joy’s Notepad and others for your donations. God bless your heart! By the way, one lucky donor will win Samsung Galaxy Y, that’s why there’s a donor name and number on each envelope.