July 31, 2012


No classes for two consecutive days and I feel like a student again because I’m also happy. Class suspension means I have more time to do my chores and blog hopping but my son wasn’t happy because he loves to go to school even on weekend. Every morning when I say “it’s time to take a bath”, my son will shout “yehey! School time!” well, I do hope that he will be like this till college time.

Anyway, while doing my chores, I saw our waffle maker and I know that it’s been years since the last time I made a waffle so I cleaned the waffle maker and checked the internet for easy waffle recipe. We made this for our merienda, I ate 2 pieces and my son ate 4 pieces. Next time I will add cheese or sausage.

Click here for the recipe. 


  1. nakakagutom naman yan Mommy Michi...
    hay naku, nakakagigil nga talaga tong baby mo.. pakurot nga ethan!

  2. Gumagwapo si Ethan ha.
    Uy, sarap nmn niyan :) nakakatakam. Hehehe.

  3. gusto ko din waffle.. fave ko yung sa waffle time :) patikim nmn din oh heheheh

  4. Takes me back to the days of cancelled classes because of bad weather. =)