August 22, 2012

A Night to Remember

I’ve been blogging about this since June and finally last Saturday, PsorPhil celebrated its 7th year anniversary entitled “Honoring our Heroes”. This celebration is not only for our group but it is the time to honor and give thanks to all the doctors, celebrities, partners, media and other people who supported PsorPhil.

I’ve been a member of PsorPhil for two years but last Saturday was my first time to attend anniversary celebration. I wasn’t able to attend PsorRocks last year because I’m on my way to Cebu to celebrate my birthday. I thought I could not make it again because I wasn’t feeling well few days before the event maybe because of the stress, cough and colds. It’s also the reason why I stopped blogging because I really need rest so I could attend the event.

God is good because He gave me strength last Saturday so I called my aunt if she could do my “hair and make-up” and she said yes. We left at 11AM and we braved the traffic in EDSA, it took us four hours just to reach Valenzuela, the usual travel time is more or less two hours. I was really worried because the event will start at 6PM. After my hair and make-up, we took NLEX and Mindanao Expressway to avoid the traffic, I was late but just in time for the rehearsal. Thank God!

I mentioned before that I’m the representative of Asian PsorClub for the Mr. and Ms. PsorPhil, our group volunteered me to be the representative few weeks before the first canvassing. Though I’m scared of the responsibility and I’m not fond of this stuff, I have no choice but to accept it because I want to help in my own little way. I did not expect to win because our group has less than 10 members and I only have few relatives that I could ask for donations but God will make a way where there seems to be no way and I won the title of Ms. PsorPhil 2012.

Photo Source: PsorPhil group

I was happy because in spite of our skin condition we were able to help. I was glad because I became part of the fund raising event and it was really a night to remember. Yes, it was stressful but it gave me chance to know those people who are willing to support, give time and exert effort just to help me. Those people who are willing to share their blessings and those people who donated even they don’t have any. Thank you for all the donors, you know who you are.

I would like to thank my Asian PsorClub for all the help and support,

to my mom, in-laws, and relatives, thank you for all the donations. And of course my husband and son who are always there for me. They are my loyal chauffeur, bodyguard, companion, supporter and number one fan in this event. There are no words good enough to thank them and I really appreciate all the time and effort. 

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  1. Congratulation. Well deserved crown:)

  2. you look stunning! congratulations on winning :) and bless your heart and your org for being able to put up something noble like this!

    Spanish Pinay

  3. Congratz mommy michi! pati si Mr Solee naka japorms din... hahaha!