August 09, 2012

Bourne Legacy

I’ve been using Smart for almost three years but last Saturday I decided to go back to Globe and avail their lowest plan which is P299 + P175 for unlimited call and text to one because I only text and call my husband’s number. I know I can save more in choosing this plan and I was happy because Globe gave me my old number, yehey! Would you believe my husband doesn’t memorize my smart number but now he has no more excuse because I got my old globe number?

And because I switched to Globe, I need to terminate my Smart number but before I terminate the line I redeemed our (hubby + I) smart reward points. We redeemed free movie pass, 100off movie pass and popcorn and off we went to watch Bourne Legacy. I really have no plans to watch movie last night but when my husband learned that I redeemed free movie pass he insisted to watch, abot pa daw sa last full show.

Here’s the trailer and it’s more fun in the Philippines. =) I won’t do movie review anymore just watch it.

If you are smart subscriber, don’t forget to redeem you smart reward points, sayang yan!


  1. napanood ko na din mommy michi Bourne Legacy kahapon, when 5:01 ticked, i immediately shutdown and get ready for the movie. Honestly, di ko napanood yung mga previous Bourne series kaya medyo di ako makarelate.. but it was no nice to see Philippines sa movie na yun kaya lang parang bitin, nasabi ko lang, "ay tapos na yun?"

    1. same reaction pala tayo nila hubby, as in sinabi namin na "ay tapos na, parang bitin" gulat kami sa ending. hehe!

  2. Inaaya ako ni sis na panoorin to kaya lang lakas lakas ng ulan. Hope to watch it soon!