August 28, 2012

Linggo ng Wika

Last month I saw my son dancing, I can only see few steps and he just keeps on repeating those steps over and over. I had an idea that they will perform in Linggo ng Wika and I was really eager to watch him dance because that would be his first performance.

I was excited but at the same time nervous because whenever my son practices at home, I can only see two steps so when I watched their two days rehearsal I was shocked because my son dances from start to finish. (marami naman pa lang steps) hehe!

I’m very proud watching him because I never knew that he would dance in front of many people. I always thought that he is shy because he rarely participates in birthday party games, sometimes he will participate but most of the time he will just sit beside us.

Now I can see that he really enjoys school and in spite of what happened before and during the presentation, he still danced and finished it with a smile. I’m very proud of him.

I wanted to upload the video of his dance but before and during the presentation one of his classmates hit my son using their props “salakot”, not once but thrice. I had pictures and video of it and I was hurt and humiliated witnessing that and I was afraid that my son will no longer dance, but after few minutes, he continued dancing, the show must go on. That is why I’m very proud of him. Good thing that they remove the kid on the stage because the boy keeps on hitting his classmates.

I already talked to his teacher a while ago regarding the incident because I’m really bothered if this is the scenario inside their class. I don’t want my son to be bullied by other kids and I don’t want to raise a bully kid. So right now, I’m teaching my son to stay away from his aggressive classmate and if that happens again, tell his classmate that “hitting is not good”. I don’t want him to fight back but I want him to learn to stand up for his rights because I’m afraid that his ego and self-worth might be affected. 


  1. parang ako lang dati ha ... naalala ko pa datin sumasayaw ako ng pandanggo sa ilaw nung grade 2 ako at luamalaban na ako interschool :)

    cute nmn ,, future dancer

  2. he's so adorable. He got your eyes, Michi :)

    Sis you did the right thing about "hitting". I also agree that we shouldn't teach our children to fight back physically because it will just create a vicious cycle.

    Spanish Pinay

  3. I hope he isn't being bullied nga and it was just an accident. Good to teach your son that hitting is bad.

  4. aaawww! super cute... i remember my days, dancer (kunwari) ako until high school pero folk and ballroom lang.. ahhahaha!

    yeah! wawa mga babies pag may bully na kids. good things lagi ka nakabantay sa kanya kasi medyo mahirap na di mo namamalayan ang nangyayari sa kanya. good job mommy michi!

  5. Eh mas maganda kung na remind yung teacher na wag ilapit sa kanya dahil kung nalapit.UULITIN yun.
    Kaya ayaw talaga maging bully si Ethan.Good job for you,Mommy Michi.