September 28, 2012

Home Make-Over: Dining Table

I really wanted to buy new dining table but I know that this is not a priority because we can still use our present table. I wanted a table but we do not have the budget yet.

But I realized if I can’t buy a new one I can repaint our dining table so just this week we had a dining table make-over. I hire someone to do the work for me, hehe! I forgot to take picture of our old table but let me borrow this picture for your reference but we have 4 seater brown table.

I bought the following materials for the make-over.

1 quart Flat enamel wall paint
1 quart Quick dry enamel paint
1 roller
1 Sand Paper
1 Clear Gloss Top Coat
1 Thinner

Here’s the finish product. 

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