October 02, 2012

Voter’s Registration

2013 election is near and voter’s registration has started already. I can never forget my voter’s registration experience. I was falling in line as early as 2AM and was able to submit my form around lunch time and I was advised to go back at 7 or 8PM and I finished it past 10PM. 

I was really tired and I almost give up waiting for my turn. That was my unforgettable experience in Valenzuela so when I moved to Malabon, Laguna and now Cavite, I never dare to fall in line again to transfer my precinct because I’m afraid that I will undergo the same process again. 

Every election, I really go to Valenzuela just to vote, you may find it weird but my husband even travel to Pangasinan just to vote. That was our scenario every election but I already talked to my husband few months ago that we need to transfer our precinct since we have no plan of moving out. 

So when I found out that there’s a special registration in our subdivision for 2 days (9-4PM) hindi na naming pinalagpas. We were there before 9AM, I just gave my ID and precinct name. In my case, change of status and transfer of precinct, the guy gave me 3 pages (back to back) paper that I need to fill out.

I was really happy because we finished everything in 1 hour. Now I just need to wait for my voter’s ID. Would you believe that I still don’t have voter’s ID.?

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