December 18, 2012

Car Insurance 101

Buying a car is not an investment because it entails a lot of expenses such as gas, toll fee, auto maintenance, and even car insurance. Some people do not give importance to car insurance because for them, it is something that you can avoid if you just drive carefully. But accidents happen anytime and anywhere, even good drivers experienced accidents.

Car insurance is part of our monthly expense, whether I like it or not we have to pay for it just to be sure that we are covered when unexpected things happen. We used to pay P1000+ a month for our auto insurance but now we are paying P2000 every month because we replaced the old car already. That amount can already pay part of my son’s tuition.

But I must admit auto insurance is really important to all car owners so if you still do not have auto insurance, do not think twice anymore. Get car insurance as soon as possible. There are several agencies that offer car insurances and the cost will depends on the coverage you want. If you want higher coverage, expect for higher rate too.
If you have no idea about the cost, the best way to check is through internet. There are several websites that offer auto insurance quote and that is free so take advantage of it. Some website only asks for your zip code and they will send you the quotation. For more information click here to check if they are offering auto insurance in your state. 


  1. It is important to be cautious on the streets all the time. Make sure that we drive cautiously in order for us to be safer. Always assure that our insurance for our car is there and ready to serve us if anything would happen.

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