February 12, 2013

Dinner at Café Lulu Restaurant and Deli

On our way home from Max’s EDSA Caloocan, my husband suggested eating at Café Lulu Restaurant and Deli for our early dinner. It is located in Bangkal, Makati City, right side going to SLEX. It is just a small modest restaurant.

Café Lulu serves European dishes so when we’re browsing the menu we can’t decide which food to order because it’s hard to read and pronounce the dishes. Hehe! We just ordered the dishes that we know, Frankfurter Sausage, Tomato Pesto Pasta and Chicken Fingers. I forgot the exact price but it is neither cheap nor expensive.

I love the place because it is not crowded and we’re the only customers inside the restaurant. The service is ok and the food is also good. 


  1. I love small hole-in-the-walls like that. Plus talaga yung konti lang ding tao. I don't like waiting too long for a seat kasi. =)

    1. true! and hindi ka rin magmamadali kumain kasi walang nag-aabang ng table mo. :)