March 28, 2013

Sky Ranch Tagaytay

When my son experienced Hongkong Disneyland, he always wanted to go back but of course, it is not possible because it is not cheap so when we learned that Sky Ranch is already opened we decided to go here after my son Moving Up Ceremony. After our filling lunch at Santis Deli Cafe we went straight to Sky Ranch. It was scorching hot but my son was really excited to try all the rides. 

First stop is Sky Eye “The Country’s Tallest Ferris Wheel with Majestic View and Amazing Lights”. P150 per person. Of course, I did not join my hubby and son because I’m so afraid of heights. I don’t want to spend P150 para takutin sarili ko. Hehe! While waiting I called my husband.'

Me: Don’t forget kunan ng picture si Ethan ha.
Hubby: Natatakot na nga ko e, picture pa.
Me: Basta kunan mo para may souvenir. Hehe!

Then my son rode this “Red Baron” P50.

After that he wanted to ride the ‘Express Train’, I don’t want to buy ticket because for me it is too expensive, P50 per person isang ikot lang and we wanted to go home na sa sobrang init. We we’re able to convince him na sira yung express train. #liar.

But he made another request “Nessi Coaster”, ok fine. We said this is the last ride and we will go home.

Now, I’ve realized that my son enjoys riding rides, wala yata kinakatakutan. If you still remember our experience in Space Mountain”  we were so afraid, but my son was just ok and wanted to ride again.

Anyway, Sky Ranch is not that huge and some parts are still under construction but for me, nothing special about this place and according to my hubby "parang perya lang rides” and the Sky Eye is not worthy for P150. I hope there’s ride all you can ticket para sulit because if I will pay P50, P100 and P150 for the ride mas magastos.

Sharing with you the Ticket Price.

Parking P50

As of now P50 - entrance fee


  1. Mukhang di mo rin ako mapapasakay dito sis haha! I remembered we went to Star City, si Meg super enjoy ako pinipilit ko wag matakot, mas matapang pa kids satin. =) The one at Festival Mall, the Pixie Forest, pang ganun lang mga keri ko. Di masyado mataas ferris wheel pati yung version nila ng wild river, pang bata lang talaga ako.

  2. Grabe hindi ko kaya ang mga rides nila. Nerbyosa din kase ako. I was raised to be scared of everything kase. Hay sad. Pero I try to do otherwise to my kids. Sana lang wag na nila mamana sakin. Looks like your son really enjoyed the rides. Ang tapang niya!

  3. Nice place.. I think the prices of the rides are not really expensive.

  4. Where in Tagaytay is this exactly? I'm a bit wary of bringing the fam dahil baka nga kulang pa ang rides. Ibang level pa naman ang aking 'lil girl. Walang kinakatakutan and walang kapaguran.

  5. I hope I can bring my daughter there soon. I know she'll have a blast, like your son. :)

  6. nice kaya lang expensive much noh? they should have ride-all-you-can tickets na lang sana para mas enjoy! :)