May 28, 2013

Blogs that I Follow

I started blogging when I resigned from being a ghostwriter. I just feel that ghostwriting is not really helping me because I’ve been on the computer for hours and I have no time with my son. I’m not really a professional writer so it gives me stress and headaches just to write a good article so I’m always tired.

Then I felt bored without doing anything at home so I started this blog and the rest is history. I know that in blogging, I can easily write because I’m just sharing stories. I thought I will just create a post and hit publish button and that’s it. But I was wrong, I have no idea that there are so many bloggers in this world and then I began to blog hop and follow some blogs that I like.

I do believe that you only follow blogs if you’re interested, if you can relate to their stories, if you can get information and if you’re learning along the way. So, I don’t force anyone to follow my blog and even after my giveaway, I don’t mind if they unsubscribe or unfollow me. They are free to stay and leave.

I have a long list of blogs that I follow so I won’t go into detail but I will share the niche.

1. Motherhood 

I’m a mother so I follow those blogs that I can relate especially to those full-time moms like me. I like reading their mommy adventures too because somehow I felt relieved that I’m not alone. I do follow working moms and work at home mom because I was amazed at their time management. Imagine, they still have time and energy to blog after work.

2. Travel 

It is not a secret here that I love to travel so I’m really interested in travel blogs. I love reading their travel stories, DIY tips, itineraries, and reviews. I discovered new places and because of that I have a long list of “Must Visit Place”.

3. Food

We love food trip and I love trying new restaurant and recipe. I stalk food bloggers who are passionate about food and drinks and no doubt that I’m gaining weight.

4. Inspirational 

I love reading inspirational blogs. Those blogs that inspire me to do DIY and Craft projects, to be closer to God and to be a good mom and wife.

5. Money 

blog talking about financials, investment, and savings. I’m not getting any younger and I know I must save and invest for our future. So I follow those financial gurus for some savings and investment tips. 

These are the niche that I follow and stalk. 


  1. I agree - people are free to stay or leave! :))

  2. Most of the blogs I follow are also in the same niches you've mentioned. I also follow lifestyle (like WIM or OAP) to keep updated of new events/productions I might like to attend. =)

  3. Very nice writing. One should follow blogs of their interest. Thanks for sharing.