May 17, 2013

Birthday at Dads, Saisaki and Kamayan

Dads, Saisaki and Kamayan is one of our choices if we have a get-together or reunion because we need a place where we could share stories while eating. #kwentuhanatkainan We are all aware that it is an “eat all you can” restaurant and they really have a wide array of food choices but most of the time we chose Kamayan only because it is cheaper.

I finally tried the Crossover, thanks to my SIL (sister-in-law) who treated us last Saturday. She decided to celebrate her birthday in Dads, Saisaki and Kamayan so after our flu vaccine off we went to Glorietta.

Lechon, Steak, Lamb Chop and Turkey

Our sore arms did not stop us from eating the ultimate buffet. Since we always avail Kamayan, I focus on Dad’s and Saisaki station. Enough said, let me share the few photos that I took because I became busy eating. 

My son only ate tempura and desserts. 
My first plate. Obvious na carnivore. Lechon, steak, lengua estofado, roast porkloin and paella.
Grilled Salmon. I tried sea urchin too, not my type.


  1. naku di ako pwede sa Saisaki, ebi tempura lang kakainin ko! mukhang masarap yung carving station :D

    1. ang bilis nga maubos. tagal din namin nakakuha ng tempura.

  2. Nice bonding time eith family:)

  3. I was also there in glorietta after my flu vaccine... Wandering around and single that time... Hahaha!

  4. I absolutely love eating at Dad's!!! Whenever I come to Manila I make it a point to eat there! Love it!

  5. loving the food. i think, it will not compromise the budget too.

  6. dad's foods are really awesome been there last month with a friend. your post reminds of the good time we had there. ;)

  7. I find their branch in Padre Faura better than in Glorietta. The food tastes better. =(