May 20, 2013

Lunch at Pho Hoa

My husband always tells me that he likes the food in Pho Hoa but he was not able to convince me to try this Vietnamese Noodle House. Last Mother’s Day I was lazy to cook for our lunch so I just told my husband that we will just eat outside which was not a good idea because when we reached Festival Mall. All fastfoods and restaurants were full and we really had a hard time looking for a restaurant.

I took this photo yesterday

We’re not choosy that time, we’re just looking for an available table and luckily we got a table in Pho Hoa, past 1:30PM. My husband ordered Grilled Pork and Fried Spring Rolls with Rice, a large bowl of noodle and a dessert. I don’t know the name except for my meal. 

While eating our meal...

Hubby: Sarap noh? Favorite ko yan and yan lagi ko order.
Me: Hindi kaya, lasang sunog.

Since I was not able to finish my meal, my husband ate my leftover and he said “Sunog nga”. 


  1. favorite ko din dyan especially the salad and the fried spring rolls... masarap din ang pho nila malaki serving... and best of all yung jumbo iced tea. :D

  2. bidang-bida nga niya sa kin pho hoa tapos di ok ang first try ko. sa dami siguro ng tao, nalimutan ang food ko kaya nasunog. =)

  3. Hehehe! Haven't tried Pho Hoa yet. Vietnemese cuisine isn't really appealing to me din kasi. Maybe I'm just not too exposed to it yet. =)