June 25, 2013


After so many months of waiting, I felt so relieved last Friday. My husband took RCDD (Registered Communications Distribution Designer) exam last June 21 and he passed it. We’re so thankful to God for giving him wisdom because I know that the exam was not easy. FYI: As of now, there are only 5 persons (including my hubby) in the Philippines who have this title. (insert yabang here). I’m just a proud wife. 

Honestly, I was so nervous last Friday and I was praying hard that he will pass the exam. I have faith in my husband’s capacity but of course I’m the type of person na laging may “what if”. What if hindi pumasa, I don’t know how I will comfort him because I witnessed his effort while working and reviewing for RCDD exam. He always wakes up early so he can study before going to work and study again after work. Even on weekends, he stays in our living room para tahimik daw, maingay kasi kami mag-aral mag-ina. Hehehe! #di siya makaconcentrate.

There are times that I will say to him na “You’re so near, yet so far”. Kasi nga kahit kasama naman siya, busy siya sa pagreview. That is why I’m grateful that he passed the exam, tapos na ang busy-busyhan niya. He now has time for us. So we went to Tagaytay last Sunday, he visited Our Lady of Lourdes Church again to give thanks. He always drop buy in Candle Chapel. 

Then we went to Max’s Tagaytay for merienda before going home. We avail the affordable max’s merienda mixes again but this time iba na yung nasa menu. 


  1. Wow! Congrats sis! So happy for you! Ibang level si hubby! Galing galing! :)

  2. Congratulations * confetti* Good job =)

  3. Hay salamat! Makikita na din ulet namin sya... Laging wala sa CTC, laging busy mag-aral.. Hahaha!

    Pero galing galing talaga ni manong ariel... The whole 3M is so proud of him, pinagmayabang na sya ng boss namin... Sabi nga sa office, "Ariel s shining bright like a diamond".... Sure na promoted na sya... Super idol!

  4. Congrats to your hubby, sis! :)

  5. Wow! They're only 2 here with that accreditation? Impressive a! Congrats to your husband! =)