June 08, 2013

Healthy Living

I always mention that I’m trying my best to practice healthy living but as usual I always fail. I can’t stick to it and let me quote.

“Dear Diet,

Things just aren’t going to work between us. It’s not me, it’s you. You’re tasteless, boring and I can’t stop cheating on you.”

I’m not really following a diet plan but I try to reduce my meat and sweet intake but it is not working. I still can’t live with vegetables and fish alone.

Second, I’m too lazy to exercise. Last year, two of my winnings are related to healthy living which are One-week Unlimited Yoga (P1,200) and 1 Drop-in Anti-gravity (P1,500). 

I was looking at yoga mats, checking for the price, color, and other stuff but I decided to give out my winnings because I know I can’t do yoga yet and the location is too far.

My supposed to be running routine every weekend did not happen too and I haven’t bought my running shoes yet. Yes, I know I have so many excuses. But lately, I’ve been hearing positive comments from my husband that I look slim already. I don’t know if it is a joke or what because I still feel that I’m fat.

Then I just realized, I’ve been walking every day for 15 minutes from house to tutorial class then back to the house. That's six weeks already and indeed there are real benefits in walking. 


  1. cool! ako yung nakinabang sa yoga GC mo... hahaha!

    it's cool that walking has an effect on you, you don't need to run, as long as your heart is being exercised, be it for running or walking ok na yun...

    it's also cool that your hubby can notice the change, di nya malamang araw-araw sinasabi yan kasi kung araw-araw, dahil sa pagmamahal lang yan... pero because it's a new positive comment from him, talagang totoo yan... naks! good job sexy michi... go! go! go!

    1. hehehe! Sana nga tuloy-tuloy ang pag-slim. :)

  2. we have the same excuse sa running ... i don't have rubber shoes. now that i have rubber shoes, i don't have running shorts naman.. hehe

    hubby also bought me a bicycle but its just gathering dust.

    walking is good though. i prefer walking also and no need to wear "walking" clothes since any clothes will do :)

    1. True, any clothes will do, expensive lang ng running shoes.