June 03, 2013

Kuse + Uncle Cheffy

One of our tipid tips is eating meal before going out to avoid eating in fastfood or restaurant. So before going to church we did not forget to eat our lunch. After the church service (1:30) we immediately went to Festival Mall for my follow up check-up and to our surprise, we’re hungry again so balewala ang pagtitipid.

Kuse + Uncle Cheffy are the new restaurants in Festival Mall so we gave it a try. Like I said, we had lunch already but we’re a little bit hungry so we ordered Pinakbet with Bagnet P385, Rice P90 and Chocolate Parfait P125.

Upon seated, the staff gave us two menu, one for Kuse and one for Uncle Cheffy. You can cross order so the chocolate parfait is from Uncle Cheffy Menu. We were satisfied with our Pinakbet with Bagnet but my son did not like the Chocolate Parfait, the taste is just ok.

What I don’t like is there’s a small booth in the middle where they prepare drinks and other stuff. I don’t like the idea because you can’t eat peacefully. You can hear the noise while they prepare the drinks, wipe the plates, spoon and fork and wash the glasses. We were seated beside it so I can hear and see every movement of the staff. 


  1. Haven't tried Kuse but we love the food at Uncle Cheffy especially the panizza :)

  2. Di masarap tingnan ung pinakbet kasi puro green lang nakikita. Tapos parang steamed instead na ginisa

    1. masarap naman pero bitin nga lang. sabi good for 3 persons daw pero mukhang bitin pa sa 2 persons. hehehe!