June 07, 2013

How to Withdraw Nuffnang Payment

Update September 12, 2018: I heard that Nuffnang is closing so you can withdraw your funds even you do not hit the minimum amount to withdraw. My remaining balance is below the minimum and I was able to cash out, I will update this post if I already received the amount. 

I know some of the bloggers earn through google adsense but in my case, I only have Nuffnang ads on my blog after Google disabled my Adsense account four months after I applied. And it took me two years to reach the P2000 and because I was too excited, I hit the cash out button last April 10, 2013. P2,064.44 – P20 processing fee = P2,044.44.

There’s a note

“Your earnings request has been successfully submitted. Please allow 30 days from the end of the month for your payment to be processed and sent (60 days for non-glitterati members).” You will receive an email when your cashout has been processed. If you do not get your cheque within one month after receiving that confirmation email, kindly notify us, as cheques are only valid up to six months.”

Lesson learned: withdraw always at the end of the month. Since it was my first time, I don’t know the real process and I was waiting for the confirmation email that they have received the cash out request but I did not receive any email after 30 days so last May 31, 2013 I filed a ticket for follow-up.

June 3, 2013 - I received a response “Thanks for your ticket! We already forwarded your concern to our accounting team. Please expect a reply from them (insert email) regarding this situation.”

June 4, 2013 - I received the email asking for my bank details where they could deposit the payment.

June 5, 2013 - I received another email that they have deposited the amount of P2,003.55 (less 2% Expanded Withholding Tax which we'll be remitted to BIR)

I checked my online account and I saw the amount of P2,003.55 waiting to be cleared.

June 7, 2013 - I check my online account again and it is now available for withdrawal. The waiting time is long. But after 30 days, it took them just a few days to send the payment. I know it is not a big amount but it is better than nothing.

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