July 09, 2013

Birthday Party

When I was planning to enroll my son in school last year, I only computed for tuition, books, uniforms and school supplies. I forgot that there will be additional expense like school event costumes, educational trip and birthday parties. Oh yes, almost every month I was buying gift for birthdays. I’m not complaining because my son is a happy camper after the party. He loves loot bag, balloons, party hats and prizes.

I remember last year my husband said.

Hubby: Bakit ang dami mga laruan ni Ethan
Me: Galing yan sa mga birthday loot bags. (Feeling ni hubby siguro tumatambay ako sa McDonalds and nagcocollect ng toys) =)

This school year my son has new classmates and last Saturday we attended his classmate birthday party, first birthday this school year and more to come. So if you just enrolled your kids in school, expect for birthday invitations. 


  1. Yay! I'm not prepared for birthday parties too! Buti na lang, 4 pa lang ang classmates ni bibiyow :)

  2. Kasama tlga sa expenses... Seems he enjoys the party

  3. Yay.. It's good that my daughter's Birthday falls on vacation month..and hindi masyado nakakareceive ng invites.. ^^

  4. Hala... Laki na ni ethan, parang binata na sa suot nya. Hehehe! Kids love parties, mukhang enjoy na enjoy si ethan... Cute!

  5. At least, enjoy:) So di ko na need bili toys si ethan:)