July 04, 2013

CHAMPS Vitamins

I kept on telling that health is wealth so I really make sure that my son is healthy and strong. Actually, my son’s pedia doesn’t believe in taking vitamins so he never prescribes any vitamins but of course as a mom, I know that my son needs vitamins and minerals so I prescribed my own food supplement. =) I’ve made my own research and asked other mom’s recommendation. As of now my son is drinking two vitamins every day.

A month ago I received a lunch invitation “CHAMPS Day” but unfortunately I couldn’t attend the event. As I always say, mommy duties first before blogging activities. But CCMIP is generous enough to send CHAMPS Vitamins.

“CCMIP or Chemical Company of Malaysia International Philippines, Inc. is the largest generic company in Malaysia. It has four big manufacturing plants in Malaysia that have been recognized by local and international bodies for its good manufacturing practices. They offer medications that are effective at an affordable price.”

CHAMPS is a chewable multivitamin preparations for children ages 1-6 years old and adult too. It comes in various shapes and tasty flavors. I do remember that I’ve tried Flintstones chewable tablets when I was young.

There are Five CHAMPS Chewable Vitamins

1. CHAMPS C Chewable Tablet

-Contains 100mg vitamin C, 50mg in calcium ascorbate, 50mg in sodium ascorbate.
-Natural orange flavor
-Shaped heart.
-Protection against illnesses
-P108 for 30 tablets

2. CHAMPS M Chewable Dietary

-Contains vitamin C plus 9 essential dietary nutrients.
-Natural pineapple flavor
-Triangle shaped
-Promotes general health.
-P180 for 30 tablets

3. CHAMPS Multivitamins + Lysine

-Contains lysine 50mg, folic acid, 9 essential multivitamins, vitamin C 50mg
-Orange flavor
-Donut Shaped
-Boosts Appetite
-P252 for 30 tablets

4. CHAMPS Omega-3 Plus

-Contains 9 essential dietary nutrients as vitamin C and B- complexes plus omega-3
-Tutti-Fruitti flavor
-Heart Shaped
-Boost development and performance.
-P252 for 30 tablets

5. CHAMPS C + Lysine

-Contains vitamin C and lysine
-Tutti-Fruitti flavor
-Donut Shaped
-Enhances appetite during sickness for fast recovery.
-P135 for 30 tablets

I’ve tried the CHAMPS Omega Plus first to check the taste. It passed my taste so I let my son tried it too and he enjoyed it. After trying the heart shaped vitamins, my son wanted to try the four remaining flavors but of course I said no, one tablet per day. Now, I agree that CHAMPS vitamins have good flavors and it really suit the taste of children. 

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